129858913398906250_151Hong Kong media Biological Aerated Edison about the Mainland actress 3P woman called sexual hunger NetEase entertainment July 4 report (text/Xiao Yi) according to Hong Kong weekly reports, experienced the Yan Zhao door incident, prostitution is not modified by Edison (Edison), Hunt objects by the Cecilia Cheung (click to watch Cecilia Cheung, film and television of the priceless works, of the honey dew), Gillian (Gillian Chung (click to watch Gillian Chung, film and television works of the ancient House flustered panic, of the God of the proper way)), Reduced to even the "female version Nel Nel" Xie Zhihui (Cammi) are OK, increasingly heavy taste, know are found in private and Juno Mak (Juno) ex-girlfriend Dai Gengling (Jamine) appointment is only slightly changed, but at the same time, Edison has also been looking at mainland female newcomer and he's and micro-film, pirated Electric Angel (Click to see Fiona Sit films the mask, the true love lies (white lie)), known as Wu Sifan, active sending photos spit on his tongue, and seeking to play 3P, simply looking at effects of base edition of the tongue on the Chinese mainland staged. Recently, this group of 3P messages from spreading online, who was invited to the object's Wu Sifan, admitted dialogue content is true, she suspected that with last month's ownHong Kong to micro-movie auditions missing cell phone related. Stringent requirements for Edison Chen sex addiction, Wu Sifan obfuscation: "he (Edison Chen), thirst, likes and dislikes! "Phone just 20-somethings, rushed to the woman into showbiz year Wu Sifan, movie friend invited behind the scenes at the beginning of this year, appeared by micro-film starring Edison Chen of the Tourbillon, as seen in childhoodIdol, Wu Sifan irrespective of whether the companies objected to adhere to the shoot. "Companies think that he had this thing (pornographic), after cooperation easier is bad news out. "Wu Sifan stuck to, irrespective of whether the companies to discourage, in April into the Group of micro-film. Starts on the first day, with Edison Chen beat feet all day opponent after the play, the man has a subjective call for the ExchangeChair. "I am not want to promise at the outset, because remember prior to my warning, but since we had ten days stay with eight days will shoot your opponent plays, do not want to feel awkward, so I gave him the phone! "Wu Sifan said. Phones available, Edison will actively expand the SMS campaign. Because of her limited English, in order to hunt successfully, Edison at a lot of effort to put SMSTranslated into Chinese to each other, simpler spent less than a day, Edison is exposed, aggressively asked me to the woman's residence separately met Wu Sifan said they live with friends is not convenient, Edison and invite each other to chat that they lived in a hotel, and remind her to keep a secret, don't tell the company and friends. Wu Sifan was aware that at this time, ChenCrown met Greek Cypriot offer not only so simple, so she refused to meet citing something, "is there any mistake! Awareness about people in less than two days hotel check in, overdone it! "Wu Sifan said. Changed relay interpreter Wu Sifan did not accept it, but Edison didn't give up, will also self-timer spit tongue according to her, on the one hand, and two, at the same time looking atMicro-film, and Yan Wu Sifan good friends. Edison invited together with the woman's reaction, and the two final at the Edison Hotel "to meet". Incredible is that knowing a friend deliver sth. to SB. 's home of Wu Sifan, should receive the Edison telephone interviewed at the same time, until the following morning, the woman left the hotel, Edison immediately called Wu Sifan, and invites her to a hotel room�� "When you know that it occurs at night, or such a thing, you would think he's a good terrorist, he was hungry, likes and dislikes! "Wu Sifan said. Demands 3P shadow is not Yellow River (click to watch film of the spy of the Yellow River) heart die, Edison will escalate, through his "good" female friend Wu Sifan daihua, Ming Ming knife gun that wants to talk to two people3P and take pictures. "I think he's talking about things (3P) good too, we'll have big respect for human! "Shoot after micro-films, Edison Chen left Beijing to the United States during the, still have a message with Wu Sifan keep in touch. Start SMS content relatively mild, most just idle chat, but the woman insisted on reply. By early May, Edison could not help but once again with, the English SMS"I think about u" (I miss you) as an excuse to ask Wu Sifan has no interest in coming to Hong Kong to meet, also known as will go to Beijing to work after, hope in Nanjing Wu Sifan back to Beijing in advance of visiting relatives, left. Edison's constraints are Wu Sifan refused. After a number of to a locked door, Edison to discourage. Until the explicit text messages in the Mainland siteAeration, Edison while "for boring news online will not respond to" to stand, on the one hand, to entrust Wu Sifan Messenger, he made a statement clarifying Twitter is "press speculation", but she did not compromise, claiming that worry about journey to the cancellation by the company and seek compensation for, however Edison Chen reply: "money not to worry. ��
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