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129859193977812500_549|XGv00|72b719acb38c879257fb5da69d0f0af0 about the author: Huang Guoying (micro-blogging) for SFC licensed person, has more than 20 investment experience, as well as famous Hong Kong stock analysts and fund managers are now as rich financing, asset management Department Director. A few years ago, by participating in an investment seminar, Own is quite impressive. One of the speakers on the day, to be good at to newspaper summed up the investment idea, he saw that trend was future Chinese people's standard of living will increase substantially, and if ultimately all Chinese people want to meet American standards of living, required several Earth resources are inadequate. My reaction was immediately bought the Jiangxi copper (358)Falls on the 2006-2008 is the resource stocks and commodities bull market, produce good returns. Today, the speakers on the day the clouds, is becoming true. Spending power of the Chinese people, with each passing day. But the Earth is still only one, resource requirements, increase Chinese how to respond? National development and Reform Commission, the idea in the hope that through the adjustment of China's economic,As well as industrial structures, to reduce demand on natural resources. According to Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of the national development and Reform Commission said last month that plans to 2015, energy saving and environmental protection industry guild wars 2 power leveling, proportion of GDP will reach about 2%, is expected to gross output value reached 4.5 trillion yuan. In fact, the country in June, has introduced a new fiscal policy, consumers, encourageProjects such as efficient appliances and energy-saving cars. In addition, and relevant departments of the State Council, will come into operation on July 1, 2012, the implementation of the waste electrical and electronic products fund rules on the collection and use of subsidies of consumer electrical and electronic products recycling and dismantling. Under the waste electrical and electronic products processed under rules on the collection and use of the Fund, recyclers each appliance may beTake the subsidy amount as follows: TV 85 Yuan (RMB, same below), refrigerator 80 Yuan/Taiwan/Taiwan, washing machines, air conditioners 35 Yuan 35 Yuan/Taiwan/Taiwan, computer 85/set. Subsidies will costs adjust to changes, to ensure that recyclers get "reasonable profit". Scrap metal recycling industry in China is still at an early stage of development, lack of supervision gw2 power leveling, the PanelBehind the operation. Use original backward through open burning, acid dipping, extract precious metals from waste home appliances, causing serious pollution. Chinese home appliances consuming country, families across the country are using TV 520 million units, refrigerator, 300 million 320 million of the washing machine, air conditioner, 330 million computer 300 million units, has tens of millions of dumping of waste household appliances each year, if all theStill burning and soaked approach, can't imagine the consequences. Why Central will decisively to financial subsidies, to specification-related industries. The waste electrical and electronic products deal with rules on the collection and use of the Fund made it clear that: "the number of processing undertakings should be given every reasonable control fund subsidies, selecting a certain scale, advanced equipment, standardized management of the processing enterprises to fillStickers keep provincial (district, municipal) have enough waste electrical and electronic equipment dismantling processing capabilities, while avoiding be aroused to precipitate action, low level duplication and excess capacity. The Government's thinking, is in various provinces all over the cultivation of both scale and technology enterprises, focusing on training and subsidies, with the rising national income, continued to improve the standard of living of the people, the process of urbanization in every direction, Home appliances and the number of abandoned, in the long run, will only increase, Government subsidies, should be able to bring massive opportunities in the long term. Investors can research and capture the investment opportunities. Copyright statement: this article was Tencent exclusive sections of finance, prohibited reprint, otherwise will pursue legal responsibilities.
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