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129859193953437500_497Ms James is wondering when you received the latest issue of credit card statements: period should be 2 dollars late on for two or three days, how to receive $ 20 worth of late fees? Ask know, the original bank charges late fees starting amount, a minimum of 20 Yuan. This reporter learned that, most of the banks on credit card late fees charging standards is the minimum payment amount is not part of a 5%, but the actual chargeAlso occur when very different, is the starting amount of different reasons, such as some bank charge minimum 10 Yuan, and some bank charge minimum of 30 yuan. Repayment amount less timely but also painted Lady on previous statements, should only amount to 2. She felt so little money, also a matter of a few days late, even if bank overdraft interest, nor how many. About two or three days,She saved 5 Yuan, think of paying interest should be enough. When received by this month's statements, she found something wrong. "This month against the Bill appears on the 20 late fee, I save 5 dollars is not enough gw2 power leveling. Banks late fee is collected on what proportion? "Journalists from the credit Department of the Bank understands that the Bank's credit card late fees charging standards is: according to the currentIs not part of the minimum payment 5% charge, the minimum charge 20 Yuan. Amounts such as painted Lady period should also be 2 Yuan, minimum payment is RMB 2 Yuan X10%=0.2, calculated in accordance with 5% 0.2, late fees but 0.01 Yuan. However, because banks imposed minimum standards, all less than $ 20 worth of charge 20 Yuan, 2 Yuan on the 20 YuanLate fee, which makes Ms James thinks the charges are too high. An interview with the late fee maximum of 30 Yuan started a number of banks found that banks credit card late fees charging standards are basically the same, are a minimum amount for the current period is not part of 5%. Such as the cardholder should also amounts to 5,000 yuan in the current period, 10% minimum repayment amount is 5,000 yuan, 500 Yuan, ifCard fails to timely return of 500 Yuan, would generate $ 25 worth of arrears guild wars 2 power leveling. But is that not all banks charge 25 dollars, some banks may have $ 30 worth of arrears. Reason for this is that different banks have different minimum standard under. This reporter learned that, at present banks with the lowest fees, late fees start amounts to 1 Yuan. As set forth in ICBC creditCredit card late fees charging standards are the minimum 1 Yuan, up to 500 Yuan. But the banks with the highest fees, initial amount is as high as 30 yuan, and no cap on. Bankers cautioned that many banks in accordance with the minimum standard of 10 charges, for the purposes of the cardholder, even if the amount of low, should also be minimum restitution payment in a timely manner, so you do not haveLate fee. Minimum payment is generally 10% of the due amount for the current period. However, after you have returned the minimum amount, while not being charged late fees, the account will still be generated a overdraft interest and that interest will be calculated in accordance with five out of 10,000 per day. "
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