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129859108096875000_800Forest female personality, cheerful, beautiful appearance, was the man of the school. Pictures from the vectors involved killing surnamed Lin Lin Kunhan female life, Union University students guild wars 2 power leveling. Below is their photographs. Source: Taiwan China Times China Taiwan network July 1 message integrated Taiwan media reported on Thursday, Taiwan in Miaoli County joint man surnamed Lin, female college studentsRental Office killed, police identified lived with quarters with male students of Lin Kunhan involved too. Forests too personality loner was classmates in the eyes of a couch potato, he suspected the deceased a crush, love denied angry attack. Lam suspected whereabouts are unknown after the case, police arrested 200 people and dogs were deployed to search, in the evening at the school administration building 10 sleeping forest found hiding in the roof there too, after he was caughtAdmitted assault. Forensic Anatomy female Daibu yesterday remains, discovered she had been stabbed 16 knives, knife attacks. Too at first denied any connection with the graduating seniors is an extension of the forest, was asked "why kill her gw2 power leveling? "Reply to" you asked a good question ", dialogue with the police is volatile. Gradually remove anti-with a little night admits that caused for female phone number obtained from forest conflicts killedAlso do not deny interest in sexual assault after the attack, but the tensions over-cannot get an erection, but had to. After committing crimes in clothes covered with Gore, blood and trousers, without consulting others thrown into the garbage trucks, slippers under the bed. Ad hoc staff the dead of night to send the biological traces certificate than the criminal, and verify its authenticity of the Dominion. Police noted that the killed forest woman living room No. 401, stocktaking in respect of the same building 6 male tenants, only lived in room No. 207Male Lin Kunhan could not be reached. Landlord notes that the morning of June 29 more than 8 points, forests carrying a package suspected of committing crimes with toolholder, clothing bag walking towards the school, its an important person. Police phones speaker location, locked Lin Nan in the vicinity of the campus activities, 11 o'clock in the morning police and police dogs were deployed to his accommodation and mountain around the school search. School authorities said Lin ShengAnd unsociable personality alone, in the eyes of the students is a couch potato, police for 20 buildings on campus classrooms and layer-by-layer carpet to find and access to inventory the monitor screen. Monitor screen display, too yesterday about 12 o'clock noon in the forest wandering, 8/f, administration building, 8/f, that is, women attending the forest Department classrooms, were killed, suspects may be returned to the girls often live environments, rather than to familiarize yourselfOptoelectronics Department of hiding. About 4:40 P.M. last night, two road police soldiers, a group of people to the 8 floor Office viewing monitor, another group of people look down from the 10 top floor, too from the elevator room staircase probe to see the forest, police saw him immediately arrest him. Late at night, too gradually acknowledged killing Lin Lin Nv. He said the afternoon of June 28 see Lin Nv in luggage active societyHelp women obtain the telephone number are refused the second trip to the forest, then grabbed the phone call left each other his own phone number, forest woman spat with dissatisfaction caused dispute, he took a fruit knife to angry and back to the bedroom, 4/f, female room assault the forest. After forest woman die, cut their shorts and want her sexual assault, erectile dysfunction due to lack of wearing pants. Reports that Lin female personality, cheerful, beautiful appearance, schoolMan, this year's graduates are going on to television when the trainee anchors; forest too withdrawn, look ordinary, but also because credit is when extended graduate, two conditions vary greatly. Kansai Pui Ling Hospital, on the island jungle psychiatrists noted that forest too might be unrequited love each other, mustered the courage to overtures had been rejected, and consciously being humiliated, by the love hate and pain killers, and disfigured, is clearly "I haveLess than, other people don't want to get "revenge. Analysis of Nakamura, deceased in the school is the man, Lin too may therefore be attracted, might be a dead simple smile or say hello, too feels that the forest is well disposed to him, into a one-sided. (China Taiwan network Liu Haiwei) (Editor: Huang Weijun)
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