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129859108071875000_747Figure for female drivers tubing pull off, dragging oil gun and tubing out of the more than more than 10 metres away. Iotu/Xinhua Ren Jia this newspaper yesterday, at about 11 o'clock noon, owners of a car at a gas station after refueling East of Fengtai Sports Center, unplug before oil gun inside the car, directly on the departing cars, oil drag more than 10 meters away guns and rubber tube. The driver then foundAnd compensation. At noon yesterday, a female driver at a petrol filling station Sports Centre East, Fengtai District, refueling, car paid off the money would return to their car, see has finished adding the oil immediately the car, stepped on the gas leaving the gas station. While the driver forgot to plug in the oil in the oil tank gun, the results are all gas station oil guns and rubber tube pulled out. Raised many areRefueling drivers have to get off of onlookers. "Several people at gas stations have no reaction, no one stopped, after the cars were subsequently opened out a long stop, gas station talent to pick tube back. "Eyewitnesses said Mr JI. The driver stopped the car and then ran back to the gas station, and some of the staff began to intervene, onlookers speculated the driver of both contradiction because the dispute has arisen, womenOil shot intentionally be towed only drivers, with live crowd that they heard the two sides quarreled. At about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, reporters came to North Station, see oil on each tank guns were all intact, but several station staff confirmed oil does have a car after refueling at noon gun taken away, but because after noon all classes, when the situation is not clear. Gas stations caused by careless DivisionMachine has been compensation for this morning, the petrol filling stations said that the incident did occur yesterday oil gun be towed, but not due to the conflict, but because of the car driver carelessness, also didn't pull the oil gun to step on the gas the car drove off. Subsequently, the driver will stop immediately after discovery gw2 power leveling, attitude is very well run back to gas stations with staff apologized, and finally to more than 2000 YuanCompensation. "Certainly not because of the intentional destruction of the quarrel guild wars 2 power leveling, if police are intentional destruction of petrol filling stations to step in. "Guess the other petrol station owner drivers have been denied. Wake up and finished oil back to confirm and then move North gas station official said, such oil guns towed happen often at petrol filling stations, mostly occurring in female drivers and novices who. TheRemind drivers to refuel, head rolled down the best after looking back to confirm the oil in the fuel tank gun has been unplugged in order to avoid unnecessary losses and compensation. (Xinhua Ren Jia) (Editor: Zhang Jun)
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