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129859193881406250_344Yesterday (July 4), Premier Wen Jiabao convened under the auspices of the State Council Executive Meeting deployment in 2011-central budget execution audit identified problems such as rectification work, audit report and listen to the national social security funds. Particular emphasis was placed, to make efforts to solve the people's livelihood areas of audits highlighted problems found. To serious fiscal discipline, the audit revealedLeads to a thorough investigation into cases of corruption and crime, will not tolerate. Deployment of reform focusing on the people's livelihood areas Executive meeting of the State Council pointed out that, the audit found that the issue can be thoroughly reform relates to Government Executive ability and credibility, leaders at all levels to high priority. To make efforts to solve the people's livelihood areas of audits highlighted problems found. Seriously investigate and rectify related to affordable housing, medical healthHealth services, school enrolment, requisition, environmental protection and other aspects of employment violated the interests of the masses of illegal acts. Financial audits by the Audit Commission Secretary Ye Yang said, 2011 central public finance in and directly related to the lives of the people in education, health, housing, social security and employment protection, cultural aspects of people's livelihood, such as expenditures totaling 1,156,060,000,000 yuan�� The economic daily news (micro-blogging) reporter noted, this year the livelihood of audit is an important link in the central budget execution audit, there are also problems in many areas. Such as in the construction of affordable housing, some local fund raising is not in place, auditing, and construction issues such as withdrawal mechanism does not sound. The Audit Commission report said, focusing on the 66 counties of the audit, 36 smallTake arrangements or less affordable housing capital of 5.314 billion yuan, equivalent to the number of arrangements should be extracted or 14%; 11 outstanding matching funds of 612 million dollars, is 2.955 billion yuan earmarked interception or misappropriation of the funds. Random checks on security objects, has more than 5,400 households without a qualification, are included in the scope of protection guild wars 2 power leveling, 21,000 families do not meet the conditionsOr repeating enjoy guaranteed treatment.����According to Ye Yang introduction, the audit noted that issues, relevant local provisions to supplement their submissions or the return of capital of RMB 2.82 billion, eliminating violations enjoy family more than 3,800 households. In the audit sampled 62 County Hospital, there are 23 more than the prescribed proportion increases drug sold more drugs 67.32 million Yuan, equivalent to medical receivable23%, fare increases of up 12 times.����In addition, also found that collecting, misappropriation or be stranded in medical projects in the construction of such issues as financial resources over 164 million Yuan. Tax expert Li told the daily economic news reporter, livelihood issues, such as education, health care is the focus of the State budget to skew the object, and the improvement of the quality of life of the people, improve the reputation of the Government are closely related, andAnd the people's livelihood areas of budget execution is often a high degree of concern, so you need to solve, and a timely and open manner. Expand the scale of General transfer payment for the Audit Commission report, yesterday's meeting also called for increased financial management system reform, strengthen budget management, detailed budgeting, strengthening executive management. Perfecting the system of transfer payments, reducing transfer specialMove payments, increasing the scale of General transfer payments, a sound performance evaluation system. Recommendation by the Audit Commission, General transfer payments should be increased, Central balance transfer paid 393.567 billion yuan less than the standards of local fiscal 2011 budget gap, are not conducive to reducing regional financial disparity. General transfer payments in the 2011 central place, 123 gw2 power leveling.4.1 billion yuan to specify specific items and uses.����Earmarked transfers part of the main there is inadequate management systems and earmarked transfers did not achieve the desired objectives of the issue. "Does not match the financial power and decision-making was the main reason of transfer payments. "Li said that the due amount, transfer payments, proportion, and so difficult to achieve fully effective monitoring mechanisms, how to buildUs authority to match the financial operation mechanism is the core issue. Another issue is transparency in the financial management system reform. Conference, carry forward the final accounts open, refine the open content. Regions, departments, and units concerned to rectification report Department of State before the end of October.����Special topics report to the national people's Congress Standing Committee before the end of the State Council. The Audit CommissionReports also suggested that the current, should speed up the perfection of the basic expenditure quota standard system, accurately defining the scope of the basic expenditure and project expenditure, norms and the harmonization of sectoral budgets open content. On the area of concern "three public expenditure", the Audit Commission administrative Audit Division, Liu Zheng said, "three public funding" standard is not good enough. Currently there is no clear criteria for domestic public reception, outsideGuest hospitality and accommodation abroad standards implementation in 1998 and 2001, respectively, has a large gap with the actual situation, resulting in sectors exceeded expenditures more prevalent. Liu Zheng suggests that the current deepening "three public funding" open at the same time, the departments concerned should be defined as soon as possible, "three public funds" concept and caliber, sound and perfect standard of expenditure andAudit of the management and supervision and inspection, promoting the advancement of the "three public funding" solemnity of the accuracy and execution of the budget.
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