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129859107992968750_581Zhou Jiang Jiang father Yang Guoxing. Photo by Guo xiaochuan Nantong high rich handsome fire lives the past few days, Zhou Jiang Jiang, this name, along with the touching stories of his King, on the network, in Yantai and Nantong is passed again and again, bear in mind. A sporadic fire, a feat of brave men, behind how the inevitable quenched? Yesterday, the Yangzi evening news interviews again weekJiang Jiang's family and colleagues. This is the real "high-rich handsome" high character "he is the boss, had put everyone into the stomach" Zhou Jiang Jiang normally not multilingual, speaking slowly in a low voice words, but at the end of life, he makes enough roaring in the corridors of the billowing smoke rises, to let sleeping people escape. So far, Zhou Jiang Jiang shouted themselves hoarse cry, also in the company's Deputy Director Bao Jianzhong's ears。 "The child is really good for us, didn't want any slip. He used his own life in exchange for the continuation of our lives! " The Green, is a term known friendly ... ... Speaking of Zhou Jiang Jiang's good guild wars 2 power leveling, and his colleagues, who lives, always unforgettable. "Not because he is the boss, is the son of Chairman, we respect him, but in his personal capacity,Quality people admired their hearts. "Bao Jianzhong said. Wages, expenses and other financial system made by the company, are subject to approval on several occasions. Sometimes site the migrant worker in a hurry to spend money, Zhou Jiang Jiang will pay out advances, always will give some more. Zhou Jiang Jiang's cousin Chen Dan (also with their mother's surname) after you hear the bad news, returned home from Nanjing, waited silently for his brother before the coffin. 3 months ago, heAlso in Yantai witnessed something. Of a migrant workers working in the company's construction site, because home loved ones arm broken, needs medical treatment, but the Chairman is absent, workers hurrying to find Zhou Jiang, Chen he without demur, paid in advance to the workers and 5,000 yuan; usually relatives, friends, students will have difficulties to Zhou Jiang Jiang for help, he was always responsive, regardless of the return. Bao Jianzhong says:"He is the boss of the company, but it can put everyone into the stomach. "Zhou Jiang Yang Guoxing said Xinjiang father, from the age, the company everyone is his ascendant, which was rescued by his employees, maximum of 60 years old, minimum of more than 40 years old," and at that moment, my son not being your own boss, but as a descendant, they go and save. "Yang Guoxing said. Rich in heart "topIs the sea, son to cross "before the son funeral parlor, Yang Guoxing in an interview with reporters, simmered with sorrow in his heart, his face calm as usual, eyes before. At 2 o'clock in the morning that day, heard the company afterwards, Yang Guoxing overnight from haimen to Yantai, until 8 o'clock in the morning, his son in the morgue to see covered with dark, believe son gone. He holds son footFoot cried for half an hour. Since then, Yang Guoxing old childless has been simmered for grief, tears are not out. "I often told the son and that we are men, everything cannot be easily to tears. "Yang Guoxing said. In the eyes of his father, while his son was a powerful "second generation", was an ambitious man, things have their own ideas and judgments. He finds things onMust get on, "even the sea in front, he has to cross. Son said to me, ' Dad, I am a man, I do things, has done something wrong you tube, do you just leave! ' "As a father, son Yang Guoxing often" cold water ":" do you want to be a hero? You can't do! "Yang Guoxing, the fire, son action proves again," look for thingsMust stay ", after their downstairs, but also stubborn to save people on the ground, his girlfriend can't ladula. However, this stubbornness cost of life. This time, Yang Guoxing thoroughly felt that son grew up. "If I certainly won't let him, then he is responsible for all employees. As a boss, to take risks, it is an obligation. "But since Yang GuoxingDoes not believe that his son was a hero, "he that lives the right way, but he certainly didn't think he was going to die. "Parents of two families Zhou Jiang Jiang a boy, Yang Guoxing heart pain only at night only lies in the Crystal coffin tears, the son of. Handsome "worth millions, meals only 12 dollars a day," Yang Guoxing orphan since childhood, marriage was done when the doorSon-in-law, Zhou Jiang Jiang's mother was also, unfortunately, died at the age of 3 his father. Yang Guoxing picking up someone else's clothes until the age of 20, almost a life of begging before the age of 16; after the reform and opening up, Yang Guoxing big in Xinjiang working construction, mining the first pot of gold, the last century 80 's, Yang Guoxing was rare millionaires. Starting from Zhou Jiang free mature, Yang Guoxing tell for my sonChildhood difficulties, hearing the emotional, Zhou Jiang Jiang often cry. Today, worth hundreds of millions of Yang Guoxing hold on to charities, Bridge Road, donates school gw2 power leveling. Zhou Jiang Xinjiang regular and father to donate school visit, support poor students. "My son often say to me, ' I want to do great things in life, and you social philanthropist, I do will be greater than you. ' "As a worth thousands"Second generation", "high-rich handsome", Zhou Jiang can lead a life of luxury squandering of Xinjiang, but poor background to become Zhou Jiang Jiang family life simple roots. In addition to his usual works, little spending, eating a bowl of soup, a dish plus a bowl of rice is sufficient. Zhang Xiangyang, Deputy General Manager of the company, told reporters, "usually in the company, like River of Xinjiang and workersFor many years every day $ 12 worth of food standards "; in his work, he was always first to construction sites a day, from architectural elements to a electrode, he personally checks, was last to leave the site every day so far, Zhou Jiang on the cause of head-bashing in Xinjiang did not travel abroad too. "My son alive, I've never not so highly he; sons now gone, I will only say that heGood. As a father, should learn from him. "Yang Guoxing said. (Editors: Lian Lixin)
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