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129859107840156250_255Yahoo Sports News Beijing time on July 4, 2012 Wimbledon to take on the Nineth day of the game. One-fourth men's singles finals, Switzerland King Federer lost only five, despite wasting 3 match point, but 6-1/6-2/6-2 still against Russia GI 14 consecutive victories of Mikhail Youzhny, two years later again into four Wimbledon men's singlesStrong. The semi-finals, Federer will be engaged in the world deyuekeweiqi and Germany "blame the players," F-the winner between Meyer. Six tournament champion Federer back injury plague in the last round, but after fighting four disk is 3-1 out of Belgium veterans malisse, Xavier, while making their own ten losing streak added a new Member of the Club. In ten years in a row at Wimbledon after eight, Federer ushered Russia challenge GI Mikhail Youzhny, two people in a total of 13 times in the past and, Switzerland maintained unbeaten, and the two last Pulpo is in the Halle grass tournament this year, when Federer in straight sets win in two sets. First game, Federer made good start to love of the beautiful game, fighting both the second 10 minute, Peter s. faderDoppler 0-40 behind even three minutes, followed by two experienced a number of equally, Mikhail Youzhny took advantage of high quality serve to defuse 4 break opportunity, but the key moment Russia continuous mistakes, and Federer break success leading 2-0. Then three each of the two sides, sixth Federer in hand cuts small slashes after they forced two break points, YuzUsing the road to catch up with ACE to defuse a gw2 power leveling, the scene began to rain at this time, the game was forced to suspend. It wasn't long, restart the game, Federer tool runs through fulfilment of break points, and 5-1 a strong leader. The seventh, after the corner, Federer ACE got counted, with Mikhail Youzhny cutting the ball down the nets, feidelebao success 6-1 preludeClaiming the person. Second set match, Federer remains strong, Mikhail Youzhny's first service game was forced out of 3 break points, while Russia saved two soldiers, but then Switzerland King receiving the ball over the net are anxious that fall, break success. After four games, both sides serve did not encounter too many challenges, Federer leading 4-2. Seventh set, Federer suddenly punches, volleySmall slash tool neutral, get 3 break points, even though Switzerland people wasted two, but against Mikhail Youzhny beat slash out-of-bounds on his second break leading 5-2. Is Federer's serve to win the eighth disc, 3rd seed does not give your opponent any opportunity, success to beautiful love game bosfa, to 6-2 and then win a plate. Third competition, Mikhail YouzhnyStart squandered by 40-15 leading edge drop points wasted 2 consecutive judian, after split Russia GI chip out of the bottom out of the break points, Mikhail Youzhny before a fatal double fault of the crisis, Switzerland easily break King. The second, Federer lost two judian cases relying on ACE, started to establish a lead of 2-0. Subsequent competition,Federer service game have encountered crises, but Switzerland successfully made by the people to resolve the crisis. After the end of the first six guild wars 2 power leveling, Federer leading 5-1. Seventh Council Mikhail Youzhny non-insured cannot serve, Switzerland people start leading 40-0, but he missed three match point, difficult by Mikhail Youzhny. Is Federer's serve to win the eighth game, Switzerland did not give opponents another opportunity, smoothBosfa to 6-2 and then win a dish, which in just five, 6-1/6-2/6-2 has made 14 consecutive victories against Mikhail Youzhny, two years later before going into the top four. The semi-finals, Federer will be engaged between xiaode and f-Meyer, winner of the. (Editors: Koo Peng)
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