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129859107946875000_482 <a href="">gw2 power leveling</a>"Hu cards four" new deal effects, price fell in the lowest private car licence in June Shanghai 8,200 Yuan, Shanghai this year licence price "high fever" has finally come to an end. Reporters track second-hand trend of Shanghai in the past 10 days, although part of the new deal has not yet "landed", second-hand Shanghai brand still "stick" the 60,000 mark, but the price is on a declining trend as a whole, transactions arePrice-free city. Shanghai last month after the auction's first day, used car price crashed dive goes straight to about 63,000 dollars, compared to up to 68,000 Zhijiang before 5,000 yuan. A few days later, reporters visited used car trading market, license plate further dip in prices, but still hold 60,000 yuan, many sellers give prices from 60,000 to 6.10,000 range. Be reluctant to sell out due to the seller, the buyer on the sidelines, no city is currently trading price, many brokerage companies have even suggested buyers participate in auctions for hand. At the door of the used motor vehicle trade market in Shanghai, Zhongshan North Road, cattle touts continue business as usual, but interest in second-hand Shanghai trading light. A cattle expressed an interest in selling cars, their hands there is no available private brandLines, if you want to "to try to help find, but low price the people refused to sell. "Ancient cards used car service companies and 273 Chinese used-car trading network point of service staff also indicated that the used cars currently licensed basic full shipment, but who are not willing to buy into this time, afraid of taking risks. Ghoka a staff member disclosed, the company is currently only one Hu card,"May receive is 66,000 dollars, whether you want to sell at a loss has not finalized, after all, look around how it's hard to say. "In addition, the wishes of the owners buying second-hand has also fallen. A broker company Manager surnamed Liu told that currently no one ask used car brand, allows buyers to cut prices has high hopes that the new deal. At present, "Hu cards four" in the "years of private car transfers from1 year to 3 years "had fallen to the ground, but" studying the feasibility of line of used car transactions into the auction platform unified management "" with lines of purchase invoices and purchase new motor vehicle tenders "policies such as no substantive progress. Whether the new deal can really curb the upward momentum of Shanghai license plates, the industry believes that transfer of life extension will enable "yellow cattle" extend the Cash Conversion Cycle,Speculative increase in cost guild wars 2 power leveling. There was also the view, car invoice upon implementation of the new deal to buy bids can result in "non-rigid demand" being squeezed out, leaving "just need to" bid is likely to make license plate prices rebounded again. (Editors: Ye Cheng)
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