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129859145695781250_425Asia-Pacific stocks rose mainly Japanese stocks closed up 0.41% On July 4, the main stock markets across the Asia-Pacific rose, Japanese stocks closed up 0.41% a day. As at the close, the Nikkei 225 index at 9104.17 points, up 37.58, or 0.41%; Korea composite index 1874.45 points, up 6.63 points, or 0.35%; ASX all ordinaries 4213.8 pointsRose 47.4 points, or 1.13% guild wars 2 power leveling; New Zealand 50 index at 3483.11 points, up 38.48 points, or 1.12%; Taiwan weighted index at 7422.59 points, up 4.23 points, or 0.06% gw2 power leveling. [Scroll] yanlord yiting decoration "nine crimes" alleged victim quality assurance profits (07-0503:52) [scroll] as first grade Fund today approved resumption of trading in transition (07-05) [scroll] holding an additional obstacle in Guangzhou Guangdong 3 home rescue fund companies (07-05) [scroll] Barclays make false countercharges that United Kingdom bank directs (07-05) [Scroll] new blue-chip will be the mainstay in the secondary market (07-05) [scroll] March CCB build small micro-loan servicing platform (07-05) [scroll] Kweichow moutai: billions of targets for the entire group of maotai (07-05) [scroll] small caps in popularityContract 12th consecutive Super Shanghai stock market in Shenzhen (07-05) [scroll]IMF down United States economy was expected this year and next (07-05) [scroll] f recommends that investors buy gold offer investment institutions (07-05) [instrument scroll]S petrochemical s denied both of share splitting reformTalk (07-05) [scroll] proposed that the control of traffic, southern coastal Coal imports (07-05) [scroll] does not exist in China balance sheet recession (07-05) [scroll] 31 heavy industry denies mass layoffs (07-05) [scroll] Brokerage listing businesses opened up new ways of financing (07-05) [scroll] decline in both production and sales inventory backlog climbed from coal producing areas (07-05) [scroll] sell more frequently listed real estate enterprises will recovery (07-05) [scroll] oil increases this year in the world of global oilRapeseed production estimate (07-05) [scroll] corrective relief policies conducive to economic recovery in the direction of the European Union (07-05) [scroll] brokerage insurance with banking market eroded (07-05) [scroll] development and Reform Commission: energy-saving environmental protection industry led trillions to invest (07-05) [scroll] 30% capacity 5 years away from Shanghai Baosteel this part (07-05) [scroll] 18 fund companies defying scale Super bull market growth bear-4.5 years (07-05) [scroll] new inflection point for iron ore game looming (07-05) [rollingDynamic] Spain proposed 30 billion euros of new austerity programme (07-05) [scroll] "Twelve-Five" energy saving and environmental protection planning publication (07-05) [scroll] Toshiba for manipulating product prices are subject to heavy penalties (07-05) [scroll] Boeing forecast the global 20 years domestic demand 34,000New machines (07-05) [scroll] Volvo fined for late-reported the recall (07-05) [scroll] Super 80% of Chinese enterprises ' "value" domestic markets (07-05) [scroll] corporate bond issuance in the first half record 103 billion (07-05)[Scroll] consumption diminished jewellery sales in Hong Kong fell on the Mainland (07-05) [scroll] Japanese cars leading the way United States automobile market in the June (07-05) [scroll] Guangzhou pharmaceutical "red pot activist" sword refers to two distributors (07-05) [scroll] international oil prices continued to rebound in domestic prices expectedDo not change (07-05) [scroll] only two Chinese companies listed in the us in the first half (07-05) [scroll] molybdenum-copper project called HTC shares fell (07-05) [scroll] Manchester United to be United States listed to raise US $ 100 million (07-05) [scroll]Comment: employers of the price mechanism market people can really get involved in energy (07-05) [scroll] 22 industry announced new rules for the implementation of article 36 (07-05) revenue over expenditure is growing faster | Balance than in 2005 increased by 4.35 times | In some areas not included in the financial accounts management auditsReveal clues to thoroughly investigate what | Head to take command in person inspection | Bureau of land and resources will increase the financial system reform or violation concerned | Land transfer price or relief | Original generation were selling like hotcakes, Hangzhou, Wuxi Secretary for land and bribery claims to clean face advertising [financial] Hangzhou, Guangdong quality supervision Bureau bus spends over 40 million are now sky-high camel milk[Financial] Huang Ming solar aeration be Huang Sheng low price they are sons and daughters of relatives [financial] representations of original Wuxi officials clean: the developer is on official business, such as a red envelope [financial] Tangshan reported dozens of farmers due to real-Bank "loan" of retaliation after [stock] high sent in turn first unit appeared distant photoelectric proposes 10 10 3[stock] peoplePeople daily extensive comments on capital markets appears to be interpreting real solutions [business] Nokia reassessment: sunset West Hill post-PC era how to Microsoft [commercial] Japan Mobile Internet Lei Jun on the Zhou and the worsening of the mysteries behind the [financial] 1 million yuan in foreign bank 5 years storage period interest up to 90,000 different [fiscal] Hangzhou now sky-high price is determined,Camel milk new savings bonds with a 10th last ten yin and Yang States in the world in Hollywood who is the gold?
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