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129859107764218750_93Sick girl wants to earn money to feed themselves (figure)-patient "Tourette Syndrome" 18 year old girl wants to learn to paint money reduce the burden to your parents boat sitting alone in a dark room according to the jianghuai morning post reported that blink, squint, pouting, reducing neck, left arm, circling, a stumble even profanity ... ... These words say is a name for "Tourette Syndrome"The symptoms of the disease. United States has famous inspirational movie of the name is my first name, say is suffering from "Tourette Syndrome" story of how the boy after suffering growing up. In our Hefei, there is also a little girl boat, due to suffering from this incurable disease, to bear the suffering of ordinary people cannot imagine, but she remained and the name is my first name actor, there is aDo not admit defeat of hearts. She just turned 18 years old, and now want to learn a skill, sharing the burden of parents. Unfortunately: "high jump-winning girls" suffer from strange disease boat as suffering from Tourette's syndrome and had to left when the first two days of school, and parents around the country for treatment, tough outsiders difficult to experience guild wars 2 power leveling. Life, fun boat is painted. "Every day, in the morning, She is a long time to draw. "History of mother's sister said, my daughter had a habit of painting, previously also studied for some time, and later has to stay at home because of illness, but more recently she began to paint. "Seems ready to paint as a trade school, daughters may also silently intend to in the future. "Sick after the boat was missing and contact opportunitiesNot long ago, a kind-hearted person donated computers to a boat, she began to slowly come to some information from the Internet, QQ also make some friends. "But I want to learn to paint at home people too hard, I want to learn to trade, helping my mother to alleviate burden. "Boat house located near the intersection of East second ring road and peace, home appliances have been older,On the wall of the Office, also with a boat in that year won the award school high jump. "At that time because of the tall, were selected to take part in the competition, also won fifth place of good results, but now out of the question. "Boat on the wall with the mother of this award, had red eyes, perhaps this trophy can only become boat and can't go back to happy memories of their families. Adherence: mother nightDaughter set up the gravely when boat limbs will twitch constantly, cannot be dominated by a consciousness. Doctor's diagnosis shows that boats may life cannot be cured of the disease, can only be maintained by drug treatment, because so far not found incidence reasons. This result is the same as a bolt from the hit on the heads of the family. "Daughter was ill, but not always to stay at home, have toApproach her and social contacts. "The history of sister said, and now every night, she took her daughter out of a stall, although not earn money, but you can let his daughter and outside contacts. "If one day we parents gradually get old, what should the boy, the only hope is to let her learn to fend for themselves, life can take care of himself. "The history of sister said. For his daughter for a long time, Big sister for the history of traditional Chinese medicine types and doses of medication can be said to know their parts by heart. "Lots of traditional Chinese medicine in the House, are my own, because from the pharmacies will be very expensive. "The history of sister said, decoct medicinal herbs often used Tortoise shell, so their trustee in the family soon after the feast, has collected many tortoise shell, take home, and then into her own medicine. Dream: boat wanted to learn paintingTo earn money to feed themselves because her daughter's disease need methadone maintenance, history of sister spend 3,000 worth of drugs every month, but the low income, simply can't support often go out seeking the costs. "Home so difficult now, I wanted to learn a trade, to be able to make money, you can help mitigate some of the economic burden of parents. "Boat said they had learned painting, midwayFor sickness aside, but now starting to stick to paint every day, "I wish I could find a special school to train me, if not reduce the burden on parents, at least able to earn money to feed themselves. "Progress: painting and calligraphy Institute would like to give girls free coaching boat said, because of perennial meds, now boat intelligence and almost 33 year old intelligence. However,For boat desire to learn to paint, history of sister was difficult to meet, "she wants to learn to paint, I would also like to meet her this wish, but it can not get extra cash at home for her to learn gw2 power leveling. "The afternoon of July 3, contacted Hefei written Lu Wei principals of the Academy training school of fine arts when he was touched after hearing the canoe idea, immediately indicated canoes free to training coursesAcquisition, if the boat's condition is not suitable for training courses, also can arrange a professional teacher to boat House, gave boat painting tutorial. History of sister says, thank you for kind people helping, will takes his daughter to a trip in recent days Chinese painting and calligraphy Institute, see Wei and the President himself, according to the actual situation, see if the boat is suitable for training courses. (WuBlessed light/photo by Wen Gaobo/) (Editor: Jiang Xuefen)
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