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129858981817656250_33Guangzhou-Shenzhen China Unicom rose 3G network to 42Mbps selling mobile phones not supported yet Do also bemoan the mobile Internet is too slow? In July, the interchange in Guangzhou and Shenzhen 3G network of mobile phone users can enjoy up to 42Mbps. A few days ago, journalist by network card experience a--1G file just takes less than 5 minutes to download, HD movies is that sown also can drag the unbuffered, download 6 films still up to 40Mbps high speed.It is reported that this is the most fastest 3G network. It is regrettable, users can only use network cards on temporarily to enjoy the high-speed network, selling mobile phones not supported yet. July speed increase of Guangzhou-Shenzhen 3G network reporters learned this month, Unicom will take the lead in opening of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangdong HSPA 64QAM dual carrier, speeds up to 42Mbps, currently the mostRapid rate of 3G to a business network. It was May 17, 2011 in six such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan City core area after upgrading to 3G speed of 21Mbps, once again the company's speed. At the same time, core city of Guangdong Province in 21 cities this year upgraded to HSPA gw2 power leveling, speeds up to 21Mbps. General Manager of the Guangdong Unicom Qiao JianbaoGel, for the realization of network acceleration, investment 10 billion this year, a total investment of 15 billion over the next two years to spend more than 24 billion dollars. In 2013, the core area of the Pearl River Delta 3G network will be upgraded to 84Mbps, core speeds in urban areas across the province are also upgrading to 42Mbps. It is understood that the ever-increasing 3G speeds, also allows the user to taste blood. In GuangdongUnicom 10,580,003 g user, per household using flow has reached 200M guild wars 2 power leveling. Monthly Internet traffic more than 100M more than 40% users, Super 1G users than the volume 5%. "Static instances of the WCDMA network in good signal is also good, but while on the move, their weak network stability. "Concurrent use of multiple 3G network people Miss MaiSaid. Mr Liu believes that the public network need to speed-up, but users are now more concerned about always "running on the highway." Currently experience can only be used on the network card industry sources said Guangdong Unicom move is also intended to resist the 4G of Guangdong mobile network. In May this year, e the world had reported that TD-LTE may be at the end of this year in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and many other commercial trials. At that time, experience for journalists to the networkPeak had up to 80Mbps. This rate will be 2013 and Guangdong Unicom upgraded 84Mbps (theoretical value). "Despite the 42Mbps is the fastest, but has been on international business. "Guangdong Unicom said currently supports the Terminal there are more than 100 types of speeds, network adapter, also have a mobile phone. However, in the networkBeginning of the complex upgrade, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, users can only use the card on to experience. Press Conference June 28 experience and see, Huawei provides a network card. The ointment is, excessive size of the network card, with the current 3G Internet card slightly rough. It is learnt that Huawei has already provided for the operator t-Mobile Smartphones that support 42Mbps speed. The personExpected first half of next year to support the network's 3G smart phone will be gradually increased. In the gray market, including HTC, Samsung and LG Electronics mobile phone hardware business, has introduced a Smartphone support 42MbpsHSPA network. For example Samsung GalaxyNote and parallel imports of a variety of Terminal such as S3, HTCSensation4GIs this column.
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