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129859108065312500_733Wei's father, Mr Gao said, the time of the incident the wire tied to the roots of bare wire on the lamp post. Reporter Wang Wei Hao intern Canal Vantu read tips ready to snow and ice across the green belt across the street, drilling when you cross the cross bracing wires in the green belt, 10 years of Wei (a pseudonym) is electric shock, never wake up again. This unfortunate episode took place in xinzheng city, XinhuaThe street. Live Wire garden sector in order to stop stepping on passers-by and bed sets, the time of the incident, one end of the wire bundles within the green belt on a lamp post, and below the lamp post is the bare wire. Who is the responsible for the child's death, Wei's parents always not to answer. Police said, this is not a criminal case, could not be incorporated, it is recommended that families through the judicial channels。 Onsite green belts in the pull up barbed-wire accident in xinzheng city Xinhua Street and harmony II 50 metres on the East side of a street intersection in the north half of the green belt. Yesterday afternoon, journalists at the scene saw, Xinhua Street between fast and slow lanes has about 2 m wide green belt, in addition to planting of green plants, and also planted a light pole. Reporters found, near the street next to the green beltCross brace in a high and one low two wires parallel to the ground, forming a barrier more than 1 meter high, wire covered with barbed, every six or seven meters, there is a bundled fixed-wire stakes. One is watering green workers told reporters, wire sets are intended mainly to block pedestrians through the green belt to prevent stepping on broken plant, has been set for a very long time.The whiskers crash where more than 1 meter long is a light pole on the East side, by a mottled impression above, you can clearly see there is a wire tied traces of root of the light pole is a two hand big mouth, distribution wires inside are still exposed, above a new yellow insulation tape, opening once the lid is missing. Mr Wei's father said,At that time, the wire is tied on this lamp post, in Wei out afterwards that some workers at the street lamp pole planted a new root piles, some wire bundles again. Witnesses ready to drill and barbed wire, children suddenly being high, says Mr son Wei is 10 years old, Xinhua road primary school in xinzheng city, grade 3. The evening of June 26, Wei after supper and a five-year partners go out to play,At about 8 o'clock in the evening, under a heavy rain up suddenly, two children rush back home, to prepare from here through the green belt, was their home across the road. "Children from two-wire gap in the middle of drills in the past, had just bent down, suddenly being turned in, one foot still hanging on the wire. "Roadside xiuzhu stationery shop boss clearly saw this scene. She said, when anotherReady to reach out and help a child, only to be flung down, then children quickly and throw to the roadside businesses for help. "Wei was unconscious, we have come to help and called the police when someone took a broom picked off Wei's feet from the wire. "The scene, many merchants have crowded described the scene to reporters. Wei's father, Mr Gao said, was informed that the child accidentLater, he arrived at the hospital, you can save for two hours, also failed to retain the child's life. "On June 27, the municipal government coordinated and Municipal Gardens Bureau of xinzheng city power supply company to joint consultation to address things gw2 power leveling, seven or eight days have passed and no one has given us so far guild wars 2 power leveling. Only children, more than 40 years of our life can ye have you seen...... "said Mr Gao told reporters tearfully. SaysIncorporated law police could not be resolved through judicial channels yesterday afternoon, journalists arrived at the xinzheng city Xinhua Street police station, a civilian police on duty told reporters the matter. "Municipal Public Security Bureau technology sector did a survey that evening, the child should be being electrocuted, but determining the cause of death needed forensic examination of family members, this accident does not belong to a criminal case, we have no Office, it is recommended that families through DivisionLaw channels to address this issue, extract the evidence to the police by the Court. "A civilian police said. Subsequently, the journalist linked to xinzheng city power supply company petition Office staff responsible for the matter to Mr Suen. He said Xinhua street light pole electric power sector was responsible for maintenance, some workers went to the scene after the incident on the day view, analysis of 3 kinds of reasons: first is the lightning strike occurred on a rainy day; the second isUsed fixed-wire stakes into soil on the other side is too deep, came into contact with underground cables, stakes after rain had conductive; the third is leakage light pole itself, "but poles below the wire, even leakage will not cause accidents, largely because of the garden Department secretly pull on the wire on the pole, causing conductive child killed. "Mr Suen said. "After an accident, we work withSeveral Gardens Bureau contact, but they are unwilling to take any responsibility. It is not the unilateral responsibility, so I hope that families take advantage of the legal procedures for the Court to sentence how compensation. "He said. Yesterday afternoon, journalists twice to call the Bureau of xinzheng City Garden, but two phone staff were not aware of the matter, express informed will return, but departed without received anyAny feedback. S (editors: Lian Lixin)
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