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129858913373125000_96XING min Shan visit Legends of the world feelings of husband and wife live shows singing XING min Shan guest of the couples there. NetEase entertainment on July 4 before the crime six sets of 4 leading and Qian Wang XING min Shan Guest program couples world, spoke freely about life outside the play in the play. XING min Shan scene sweet talk about love and marriage life, legends and wonderful emotions experienced from time to time the site moderators and viewers send praise, facilitator, Estela INDA (click to watch British televisionWorks of the love the Depot) repeatedly requested by XING min Shan sang the opera singing, causing bursts of cheers. Wife was 13 years old when first seeing the crime six groups of 4 in the country's popular broadcast starring XING min Shan and Qian Wang is very happy, and this is also a partner in this drama were invited to the main reason couples of the world, and everyone knows XING min Shan have a happyOf family, so scene is long a time on into has XING min Shan memories sweet first love and happy marriage of process, XING min Shan said, he and wife Niu Xiaoqing initially awareness of when, are also is children, and two people began love that years he 19 age, she 13 age, two people awareness 14 years zhihou only married, walked has a love running, but two people from awareness to love to married health child, has beenNever quarrel, XING min Shan as saying that doing only half a man man to display outside, hears his wife back home. XING min Shan community recognized a good man, Qian Wang is his partner in the crime six Group 4, is also a friend of his life, she said that there may be a few years if you think XING min Shan retire from public life, do you think she could not, in fact, it was because at that time XING min ShanWife just gave birth to a child, in order to take care of their families and their wives, XING min Shan pushed all about subtext, concentrate on caring for the family. Sing Kunchu opera fans moderator XING min Shan Kun Opera troupe initially actor, Niu Xiaoqing and wife is Kun Opera family, XING min Shan in Niu Xiaoqing Theatre actor, therefore only met two people from Kun Opera actor turned television, his wife had supported her.But XING min Shan while switching to film and television actor for many years, original art never leave his opera performances every year, at the repeated request of the Facilitator, Ying da, XING min Shan on-site cappella section of Kun Opera, colored and mildly throws an applauding audience. The crime six Group 4 is currently being broadcast on national popular, while in a live broadcast guild wars 2 power leveling, when XING min Shan and Qian Wang also recalled the filming of hard, Xing MinHill said he was the play of antibiotics while filming, but seeing the audience so fond of, and hard work is worthwhile, but by the summer, he temporarily pushed the film work, son and his wife to take a long vacation, enjoy the happiness of family life gw2 power leveling.
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