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129859193721250000_6Tencent financial news recently, Shanghai purple stone investment limited (hereinafter referred to as purple stone investment) Chairman Zhang Chao was alleged insider dealing, the SFC investigation and that his or her absconding overseas. The night of July 3, three people close to the SFC of Tencent financial, currently head of the relevant Department of the SFC leadership on this issue is not informed, or not formally incorporated on the Chao. On July 4, purpleStone investment spokesman Deng Jing Tencent financial said the company soon will issue a clarification announcement. But Deng Jing refused to reply, when Chao personally stepped in to clarify the matter. On July 3, the first financial (micro-blog) Journal reported that Chao by SFC to investigate since the second half of 2011, March 2012 being monitored, is currently at large. Reported that Chao management products transactionCoincide with the height of a public placement Fund, or the suspected insider trading guild wars 2 power leveling. The same day, the purple stone investment Chinese broadcasting network spokesman Deng Jing said in an interview, the company was investigated, but only in the periodicity of the SFC's routine. Deng Jing denied that Chao was arrested for insider trading, said Chao did not abscond, merely "learning vacation". However, on July 3 and July 4, Beijing, Shanghai, more than largeSun executives at private equity firms of Tencent financial said that has never been the SFC "routine investigations". Many executives said the sunshine currently belonging to private industrial and commercial registration system, has not been formally incorporated into Regulation, the SFC has nothing but routine investigation is unlikely. Some executives said, "we are now calling for regulation, but calls are not coming. "These people close to the SFC for freeFinancial Express, the SFC is not on the Sun absolutely no regulatory powers over private equity, private acts of suspected insider trading in the Sun, when and in more serious cases, the SFC will investigate. At the same time, the person said gw2 power leveling, although in recent years, many cases of suspected insider dealing took place in Shanghai, but there is no action against the special survey in Shanghai financial institutions. Background data crawlingTo the suspect, no matter who, is investigating and collecting evidence. On July 4, has just revealed his identity in the Tencent financial editor, not question, Deng Jing has repeatedly stressed that "Purple stone investment now that everything works, investment research team is very stable, thank you media interest in friends. "Deng Jing said the company soon will issue a clarification announcement, to illustrate this issue. But Deng Jing declined to give noticeTime and manner of publication. While Deng Jing had rejected Chao Zhang attended to personally to intervene, and Tencent financial requests for dialogue, than to have informed the Chao "learning vacation" when to end. In the interview process, Deng Jing two halfway initiative to hang up the phone. (Text/yanzheng)
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