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129859108030156250_659Boy's mother to stop also was seriously injured, suspect arrested on the spot, believed to be mentally ill new fertile intern Xu Siping Express News reporter forest report July 1, raoping, Chaozhou noted with ocean town shuinancun a tragedy occurs: a man with a hammer attack on two boys from the village, as young as 4 and 2 year old little brother died at home,His mother heard of suppression, heavy head is also the murderer strike injuries lying unconscious. Yesterday, the new express reporter from raoping County Police Department confirmed that criminal suspects have been civilian police spot check, villagers said the suspect suffered from mental illness, but the specific results to be identified. Hammer to knock the two brothers was seen at around July 1, raoping County Government in the town of ocean forest shuinancun villagersStrong came to Chen Wenjiao House of water to drink, only Chen Wenjiao and two boys at home at this time. Chen Wenjiao entered the room for a moment, she cries when I heard two children miserable, Chen Wenjiao rushed out of his house, I saw a strong forest holding a claw hammer on two children knocking. Chen Wenjiao immediately washed up on the curb, forest some strong knocking Chen Wenjiao instead, Chen Wenjiao DC was beaten black blood, cried. Mr Lin isUncle of two children, he told reporters that night, he and his brother Lin Jinghui out after two people go their, he would hear next door's brother from brothers and sisters cry, just started, he thought his brother the couple quarreled, ran past a, Lin Mouqiang was found holding a claw hammer hammering of their brothers and sisters, and brother and a cellphone in the alarm. Because the killers armed with a hammer, Mr Lin did notDare to rush into the front, suddenly, their brothers and sisters kicked open a murderer forest, managed to run away gw2 power leveling. Police capture the suspect on the spot "when the situation is very critical, after the siblings ran away, I'm anti-lock buckle iron keeper Lin Mouqiang in the House, he is crazy, pounding iron coffee table and housing estates with a hammer. , "Mr Lam said that, through the iron fence, he saw an incredible scene: man Lin MouqiangTwo inverted in a pool of blood on the violence against children continued, mouth yelling: "do not save, hopeless. "Chen Wenjiao just escaped to see this scene, combined with the excessive bleeding, immediately collapsed in the past. Subsequently, arrived at the police murderer uniforms. Forest a strong attack suddenly why? Mr Lam told reporters that Lin Mouqiang is 47 years old, was with the village people, and Lin JinghuiNo nothing before. "But his mental health problems, three years ago, he wounded wife maimed because of his mental health problems, this last thing nothing came of it. guild wars 2 power leveling, "Mr Lam said, Lin Mouqiang in Shantou by collecting waste life until, half a month ago before returning to the village. Yesterday, reporters from raoping County Police Department confirmed that criminal suspects have been civilian police check on the spot, while cases of civilian police inInvestigation, villagers said the suspect suffered from mental illness, public security organs have made suspect identification Psychiatry, current identification has not yet been reached. (Editors: Lian Lixin)


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