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129859193899218750_382Align the falling tone in the global economy, a new round of easing is expected rapid heating, all kinds of risky assets rise. From the eurozone and the United States to China, the past two days the latest data issued warning of global economic cooling. Under such adverse factors weighed on the European debt crisis, global economic activity has come to several months or even years to bottom. Central banks will have to take additional measuresTo boost the economy. Is tomorrow, two of the major European Central banks could put into action. On Thursday, Europe's two largest banks will announce the latest interest on the results. Significant part of the market participants are expected, might at least be announced the same day the European Central Bank cut interest rates by 25 basis points, interest rates fallen to a record low of 0 gw2 power leveling.75%; and United Kingdom's Central Bank is likely to increase the size of quantitative easing. Worthy of attention isAnd global economies this week concentrated release of the latest manufacturing purchasing managers ' index (PMI). Whether China, the eurozone, the United Kingdom guild wars 2 power leveling, is the United States, are issued a cooling signal. In June, China Manufacturing PMI fell to seven-month lows, the eurozone and the United States manufacturing activity index fell to a three-year lows, most indicators of manufacturing industries of the major economies are lowIn the 50 's "pass line". More frightening is that negative European debt crisis on the global economy "spillover" effect seems to have only just begun, the latest data is one of the compelling evidence of the manufacturing industry. In view of this, increasingly high expectations for the policy of the authorities, particularly the Central Bank from the outside. Brand representation of former Fed Vice Chairman, next, most likely to take action at the start of the Federal ReserveThree rounds of quantitative easing monetary policy (QE3). A key report on Friday might also be firm with easing by the Fed is determined to. On that day United States will be published in June non-farm employment report, the industry is expected to only 90,000 new jobs, which may mean that United States number of new jobs in the second quarter will create a two-year low. Easing expectations, all kinds of risky assets in theThe European Central Bank on the higher earnings before interest. Asia-Pacific stock markets generally received high on Tuesday, European stocks in early trading to continue upward. Copper, gold and other commodities on Tuesday in the tray once rose more than 1%. In early trading on Tuesday, oil prices in New York Rose has been super 4.7%. And because Iran renewed market tension raised concerns about supply, but investors believe that global policy makers will take further measures to support theEconomic recovery, Brent oil prices exceeded $ 100 in intraday, for the first time in three weeks. (Shanghai Securities News)


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