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129859015255781250_107England 8 penalty sinners: David Beckham has led two German "joint" shooting lost NetEase sports on July 4 report: Ashley Cole-Cole Ashley Cole-raising the penalty kick into England and Italy out of the game, once again gw2 power leveling, out because of a penalty shoot-out. Contest history throughout England, penalty curse has plagued England Euro 96 European Cup, World Cup 98, 04, 06 World Cup, England were down on the 12-yard line, that is,England's penalty kick curse still continues. At this point, NetEase sport also counted out 8 penalty points for you on the England star. 83,342, Vader (90 World Cup) in 90 World Cup semi-final England three rounds hit the target every time without a miss before the shootout case, the final two rounds were not fined, end unfortunately lost to Germany team not summaryGame. And Vader penalty loss penalty kick call, represented England in the World Cup for the first time Paul Gascoigne crying like a child, Gascoyne burst into tears and sadness of England became the World Cup being fans talked about topic. 7, Gareth Southgate (Euro 1996) this is the second time in the history of England and Germany met in the shootout, won a final victoryIs still German. The respective penalties scored five before penalties, but England's sixth appearance of Gareth Southgate's shot was Kopke block out, while Germany's Andres r-Muller penalty into the winning penalty kick. 6, Ashley-Yang (Euro 2012) in 2012, is not optimistic about by external circumstances, England made group header name, and in the knockout stages toChelsea will be the opponent into a shootout. This time, Goddess of fate did not favor the English, Ashley-young penalty hit the outside beams were ejected after the goal, England's lead vanished the moment, also makes subsequently played on Ashley Cole-Cole back a great deal of psychological pressure. 5, two-Tak (2006 World Cup) 06 World Cup golden generationThree lions failed to break the penalty curse. With Portugal in the tournament, both fights to brutal shootout, England's midfield double Tak (Gerrard, and Frank Lampard) before the game was pinned, however they have been two mainly penalty shootout Portugal goalkeeper Ricardo head-bashing out, England's penalty nightmare continues in the world series. 4, Pierce (1990World Cup) before the main penalties Pierce, England and West Germany to temporarily draw 3-3. It is unfortunate guild wars 2 power leveling, the fourth appearance of Pierce missed a great opportunity to score beyond, and then his teammate Vader penalty points dropped. England eventually 3-4 to Germany, missed the World Cup finals. 3, Carragher (06 World Cup) following Germany zhihou, PortugalFor England's new victims in the shootout. Perhaps under the influence of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard lost consecutive penalty shootout, tense Carragher did not referee motioned to the first penalty shootout, and his heavy penalty shootout fabulous flutter by Ricardo out. Ricardo also became the first in World Cup history in three goalkeeper of a penalty shootout in the head-bashing. 2, Wasser (2004, EuropeChau Cup) before the Wasser played England in the penalty shoot-out with Portugal draw 5-5, Wasser's shot was of the seventh malls Portugal goalkeeper Ricardo head-bashing out, followed by the magic of Portugal goalkeeper himself into decide a penalty ball, England out of the game. 1, David Beckham (Euro 2004) in this classic world war, "wanrenmi"David Beckham blamed. As the first of the main penalties England players, skipper on the slide during the run-up to, and the penalty shot and lost. After the tournament, England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson in the media make a fuss, he appears to be a bad quality of turf to let Beckham penalty lost this important penalty.
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