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129859107751093750_65Archaeologists have found in a piece of brick what is called the "end date" Guatemala Mayan Temple ruins archaeologists in Guatemala Maya civilization at an archaeological dig site and new archaeological discoveries of United States and Guatemala archaeologists recently in Guatemala a Mayan civilization discovered a piece of stone carved with dates 2012 end of brick, this is the secondReferring to ancient Mayan 2012 end date transcripts. However, in the view of archaeologists, and is keen to end the theory of modern people is different, the ancient Maya had not predicted the world would end on December 21, 2012. Inscriptions record was found "2012 end of days" it was reported that archaeologists are in Guatemala Kolo ruins of the Maya civilizationThe stone steps. Ruins of the Maya civilization was discovered 15 years ago, in 2010, researchers here found for the first time a number of carved stone bricks of Maya hieroglyphics, and later found another 10 blocks. Totals on the 22 pieces of stone bricks engraved with 264 hieroglyphics, is Guatemala finds longest text about the ancient Maya civilization, about 1300 years ago. ThisIn May, the archaeologists decipher the text. On the one stone refers to the so-called "end date", the 13th in the Maya Calendar Ba Ketu (Ba Ketu is a cycle of about 394 years, 13 with sanctity) end date is December 21, 2012. On June 28, the archaeologists have officially announced the news. This isSo far recorded in the second paragraph of the so-called "end date" the Mayan text. Previously, archaeologists in Mexico tuotugailuo in Tavas found have similar text found on a piece of stone. This online no small repercussions. Because, in some countries, some people have been in Maya inscriptions "end date" as "end of the world", the latest archaeological discovery seems toThey added new evidence. Truth of the inscription is in recorded history guild wars 2 power leveling, however, in the view of archaeologists, Maya inscriptions in the "end date" interpreted as the end of the world is far-fetched. "This inscription says that the ancient Maya political history gw2 power leveling, rather than the predictions for the future. "United States du LAN, Director of the University's Institute of America in masailuo·kanutuo said. "This new evidenceIndicates that ancient Maya be celebrating at the end of the 13th Ba Ketu date, however, this is not a prophecy of doom. "According to the Mayan calendar, on December 21, 2012, is the last day of the 13th Ba Ketu, at this point, declared the end of one full time cycle, next time cycle will begin. Archaeologists have found that this Mayan inscriptions documenting local MaThe good Samaritan 200 years of political history, including inspections to King yakenumu·Yaqi·ake·kaake of kalamukeer City State flourished at that time the situation on the ground. Also to extend their rule, the King declared that he was master of the 13th Ba Ketu. "Inscriptions about the Mayan civilization in a political turmoil, the inscription indicates that, in times of crisis, the ancientMaya using the calendar to maintain the continuity and stability of the rule, rather than predicting the future. "Otaviano Canuto said. Doomsday said since the Western imaginary since the last century 70 's, saying there are many ways to doom, not just inferred from the Mayan calendar. For example, in ancient Mesopotamia Sumerian civilization, one of the planets of the solar system called nibilu crashing to Earth, but modern scienceFound that the planet does not exist at all. On the network, also spread many rumors on the 2012 end of the world. It was stated that the world being swallowed by the black hole, it was said, the world will be destroyed in the impact the planet, some say, the Earth will be destroyed by the gods. In the United States, the so-called end of the large increase in the number of asylum, many believe that this statement to France of a man named bujialaqiSmall gathered in the village, where he was allegedly would survive the end of the world. But all said the end is much ado about nothing. In fact, in the view of many Maya, inferred from the Mayan calendar the so-called end of the world, is purely imaginary of Westerners. At the birthplace of Mayan culture major, one of the first Mayan "end date" inscriptions were found in Mexico, National Institute of anthropology and history has moreSaid Maya time treated as a series of loops, Western misunderstanding and distorting the Mayan civilization in the ancient universe, and was fabricated by the so-called "doomsday" said. (Editors: Zhang Jing)
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