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129859193762343750_92Often buy financial products are advised to note that with the diversification of investment channels of banking products, follow may be financial products managed rates, sales processing fee of pluralism, beware financial product rates eat profits. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhang bin "two financial products investment channels, investment horizon more or less the lang-bank rates did not like it? "Yesterday morning, the little dragon Ridge in shapingba district people Ms Zhao Lin discovered a new problem: even with a bank's financial products, investors buy rates may vary for different products to be borne. "When I used to buy financial products really didn't notice this issue appears to buy financial products to more than one mind in the future. "Zhao Lin said she was recently in the city and a State-owned commercial bankTrip to financial products, expected annualized yield of about 3.82%, 10% per cent of its funds invested in bonds, deposits and other high liquid assets. "Say a 3.82% return rate is not too low, but I read the instructions carefully and found that yields only available to a maximum of 3.5%. "Zhao Lin says, this is a bank or to extract two kinds of costs, one is actingFinancial asset custody fee 0.02%, another investment management fees 0.3%. Banks selling financial products to extract a certain rate for criticism, but Zhao Lin ladies and some do not understand is that similar financial products with a Bank, extraction rates are not the same. "I am in June at the Bank buying a financial product, is 10% per cent of capital investmentIn bonds, deposits and other high liquid assets. "Zhao said, assets of banks on the financial products managed rate 0.02%, sales processing fee will be 0.4%. "Although the two financial products investment channels for roughly the same period, investment is almost, but both financial product sales processing fee is 0.1%. "Zhao Lin argued that while a 0.1% figures are not large, for large investors have accounts can be considered, investing 10 million Yuan to assume more 10,000 yuan sales fees. There are careful investors have found similar issues, who lives in nanbin road in Nanan district of people she says, the same type of financial product, extracting greater rate differences of different banks. "A financial product of a State-owned commercial banks, primaryYou want to invest in areas such as government bonds, financial bonds, bills, extraction of total rate of around 0.8% to investors. While the other similar products of the State-owned commercial banks, extract the total rate of only about 0.4%. "In accordance with the above-mentioned tips for investors, Chongqing evening news reporter found the instructions of these financial products, products of the same kind in the same bank rate is found to have differences guild wars 2 power leveling, different silverLine of products of the same kind of rates differential standards were. Outgoing domestic news that financial products of the major banks charge varies, similar products of different bank rate difference between 0.36%. A State-owned commercial banks in the city financial experts said according to common sense, the same bank rate should not exist differences in similar financial products. Financial product rates variedFinancial products before you buy to see investment rates eats profits, this is not alarmist talk. Public information displays, a bank issuing a trust investment product specifications shows that this product is charged 1% per cent of total costs. The product buckle front expected annual yield of 4.5%, deduct only 3% per cent after fees. Chongqing evening news reporterUnderstand that investment banking products, generally there are three ways. First, banks will raise investment funds directly to the interbank market. Second is banking all or part of the funds delegate trust to plan investments. Three is to invest, hire professional institutions, including brokerages, Fund as an investment adviser. First scenario banking operations on their own, financial product rates relate only to salesProcessing fees and hosting fees, only some banks will charge a management fee. The second part will increase the trust. Third scenario is also required to pay pay-for-performance to investment consulting agency. In choosing the Bank when financial products, it may be some understanding to the investment strategy for this product gw2 power leveling, that this product may have an overview of the rate.
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