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129859107934687500_456Graduated one year quarter, days of heat, pouring endless graduates write freely youth enthusiasm! ESMOD · 2012 young designers in Beijing, with youth experience a wonderful three years works, magnificent mystery Designer Studio scenes are rendered, bring to the city the fashion world a Visual Feast! L ' Ateliers d ' artFrench meaning Art Studio gw2 power leveling, it is the designer's havens, inspiration for the Holy land. Some designers inspired by picture fill the walls, surrounded by its own; while others would like to fully vent here, mind zero, a new start. Each "artist" there is such a place, ESMOD · young designers in Beijing is naturally no exception, while initially it could just be studyingRental cottage, the future we all dream to be able to personally design a perfect Studio. There, they designed their own likes, also designed the satisfaction of others, they are working for the dream, but also for the real effort, Designer Studio where he is there. This year's July 5, ESMOD · Beijing gives graduates a room,A stage, a free artificial space: every designer Art Studio will be rendered in the form of its own graduation! Nice, but well done, this work requires more than the students themselves three years learning to design of plate-making expertise and skill, more considerate and professional qualities of a test: deconstruction of color, styling, display art and other aspects of technologySpecially are indispensable. Art Studio is the ultimate show of graduate design works, each graduate to accept 50-professional jury composed of fashion industry in scoring, is the students out of the ESMOD · Beijing will finally experienced a test guild wars 2 power leveling! Students will one by one before the jury to showcase their works, their design inspiration and ideas, accept comments onPositioning Committee for consumer groups, marketing promotion, product costs and pricing questions. Judges will visit each booth one by one, talk with designers, product positioning, closer inspection quality of clothing to assess the commercial value of a work. At the same time, for the graduate, is also a good chance to introduce himself before the senior figures in the industry. Review the following day, July 6Started, will usher in a continued throughout the summer of ESMOD · open day in Beijing. At that time, Art Studio will be open free to the public, let original design spark burn a summer! And all love fashion love design friends to witness ESMOD · growth in Beijing! The evening of July 6, ESMOD · Beijing Jie 2012 graduation thesis film screenings will take place inTrend landmark SanLiTun mega joy studios opened, 2012 Photography Department of Beijing Film Academy students and graduates to work together for the first time, for their graduation designs making creative films. ESMOD · Beijing invites graduates and friends together to enjoy creative videos and witness the honor moments of graduates ceremony! France ESMOD fashion artsInstitute (Beijing) address: North Road, East third ring road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 30th, 9-12, Tuanjiehu building layer (line Line 10 Hu Jia Lou subway station b exit) (Editor: Zhao Xin)
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