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129859193847031250_271According to the voice of economic authorities wide financial review reported that industrial and commercial bank of China and Bank of China today (4th) early exposure as of June 30, shareholder intelligence, data show that Huijin company in the second quarter of this year gw2 power leveling, 7 million shares of ICBC, BOC 762,600 unit holdings, respectively. However, the data show that Huijin company its holdings of Bank shares in the second quarter last year, orSince starting a new round of planned holdings, outperform the weak quarter. Market known as the "national team" of Huijin company has been a favor bank stocks, buying moves can lead to market a noisy every time. Huijin continue to fulfil the commitments to increase its stake in the company in the second quarter, ICBC and Bank of China were overweight. But the data showed that second-quarter increase was last year declared overweight high profile gaugeSince the stroke, one-quarter of the weakest. Economic guest commentators, the voice of the Galaxy master Liu Jin believed that future macroeconomic analysis, Hui Jin Zeng's fundamental purpose is to stabilize the financial system. Liu Jin: Huijin as the country's sovereign wealth Fund is not for pure profit, but to the overall macroeconomic regulation. Huijin each action often is the stock market lows, are the overall macro-economicJI down the more important changes. In this important changing point increase its holdings of Bank shares, is the national system to give financial support to some extent, protect the banking system, led by four lines, this is the most fundamental purpose of every meeting Jin Zeng. This time to increase its stake is precisely in the context of national macroeconomic structural adjustment, reflecting the steady growth of requirements. In order to stabilize the financial system,Homes began to increase its holdings of Bank shares. Huijin company's holdings has been often seen by markets as the market bottomed out signal, actions of Huijin company on banking stocks outperform also has often been interpreted as positive. The view was expressed that, weakening of Huijin company to increase its stake, does this mean that the stock market has not bottomed out, also is likely to continue downward. Liu Jin said the end of stocks is already policy, HuijinNational holdings in prop. Liu Jin: a have different views on the market, some investors believe that Huijin began to increase its stake, on behalf of the State think the economy has indeed been very depressed. There are also some people think that this is the beginning of State funds into the bottom, to drag down stocks. In fact, the stock market as a whole basically end of policy have occurred, including the Huijin outperform State prop.But it should be noted that this prop does not mean that all equities are looking up, but in certain key, important sectors of the national economy will be uplifting. Liu Jin believes that, judging from the current bank shares guild wars 2 power leveling, holdings of Huijin company next is also possible, but and national monetary policies. Liu Jin: increase possible, but this possibility is andCountries, particularly monetary policies of the Central Bank. In the Bank's own capital shares held by the most important is that it, when you increase unit Huijin equates to four funds, this tie is directly reflected on the balance sheets of the banks. If the National Central Bank to continue its rate cut or reduce reserves, will also appear on the balance sheet of the BankShould be changed. Huijin role we believe that the Central Bank and the combined result is to protect the national economy, adequate for the protection of overall liquidity. In this integral role, if you have interest rate cuts, then the relative reduction in the chance of once again outperform.
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