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129859145657031250_343EUR/USD rebound again after discussion 1.255 support under On Wednesday (July 4) municipal early plate, above the EUR/USD bounces back to 1.26 guild wars 2 power leveling, overnight after the currency under renewed discussion 1.255, was pulled back to 1.26 above. Netherlands Senate on Tuesday (July 3) approved by a two-thirds majority of the eurozone permanent assistance fund-the European stability mechanism (ESM). This market prior to the EUOutcomes of the Summit concerns ease. Ireland published reports Tuesday that the Ministry of finance, 2012 budget deficit in the first half of the country more narrowed from a year earlier, largely due to the increase in tax revenue and debt refinancing in the banking sector. Along with the data displayed, Ireland 6 months of this year's budget deficit at 9.44 billion euros (about US $ 11.91 billion), below the upper10.83 billion euros a year earlier. Analysts said the days of United States were closed for the national day, and rarely risk data and events announced correction between euro/dollar is likely to come to a 1.2550-1.2650, wait for Thursday (July 5), the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting guidelines. Coast 07:42, EUR/USD 1.2Six hundred and three-eighths. 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