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129859108107656250_823Xu Weili and won the Honorary certificate and medal on June 13, 1990, on the third Asian Junior track and field Championships hammer throw competition, as young as 18 years old young man Xu Weili 63.1 m results, increased 3.89 m Asian record and won the Championship. On June 30, 2012, the decommissioning has been 13 years old champion Xu WeiliThe hospital, was poor due to various reasons 400 Yuan and cannot afford a $ 600 worth of for treatment fees in tears. 400 medical puzzles "past champions" surnamed readers yesterday to this newspaper called to say, a man named Xu Weili former "Asian track and field Championship" in the first affiliated hospital of Xian Jiaotong University School of medicine, for to pay hundreds of dollars in medical expenses, to a number ofBorrowing money from friends "distress", the current situation left to passers-by "begging". Reporters arrived at the gate of the hospital, call Mr Zhang Xu Weili provided by phone, after about 10 minutes, a facial seriously swollen, spiritual dispirited middle-aged man hands pinch a case history and a few physical examination paper, wheeze, he was Xu Weili. Know that the journalist's ticket collector letHou, Xu Weili stable emotions, warm breezes and looked at the sky, then closed her eyes. After about 2 minutes, the moment when he hung his head when I open my eyes, tears suddenly burst into tears. He said excitedly, "on the podium of the track and field competition, when you flag rising, every time I left in tears. Did not think, retired today, 13 years later, I did becauseNot retired for various reasons leading to difficult economic 600 worth of medical expenses and tears. Affliction I not treated too be undermined. "He said, roll on the left leg of the pants in blue purple finger pressure a bit, leg muscles like bread, instant sink a small pit. Xu Wei Li Tai was gasping for breath, intermittently said that in March of this yearHe suddenly found his legs swelling GW2 Gold, breathing difficulties, to the hospital examination found that he had kidney problems, thoracic accumulation of serious, heart and lungs after oppression leads to poor blood supply, breathing is affected, must be hospitalized immediately. But because of economic difficulties, can't pay treatment costs for tens of thousands of Yuan, Xu Weili to the hospital every other week pull stagnant water in a pleural effusion, every timeCosts 700 Yuan. After you complete a stagnant water, relative to his breathing improved. On June 28, he will return to hospital after taking the 1200 ml of pleural effusion of stagnant water, because there is no money to buy drugs and returned to their place of residence, calling friends to lend more than more than 200 Yuan. Yesterday, he came to the hospital to buy medicine, medicine up to 600 Yuan, in the case of there is no approaches, and on weekdaysOften taking care of his friend Zhang beat to the telephone "help". Young 18 years old to create reporter then went to the wild goose's Tower of electronic city gate of the subdistrict office in Beishan village of 5th House, Xu Weili rental on the 6 floor in a house approximately 8 square metres, sitting in the House a simple bed and a few pieces of furniture. Room opposite the House of less than 2 square metres, is on the door is aPool, next to the urinal placed the pots. Xu Weili from a cloth bag, took out a dozen of honors and a dozen medals, including a "third Asian Junior track and field Championship (1990)" gold medals, said Xu Weili, this gold medal is very precious to me, sons often play as a child, smaller rope broke, there are a lot of medals, IAfter the divorce a person leave the House without bring it, also not aware of here? "Honor", reporter on June 30, 1990, a yellow see an article about on the track and field News reported that Xu Weili messages, reports writes, "on June 13, 1990, the war between the third Asian Junior track and field Championship hammer throw competition, Shaanxi 18 years old young Xu WeiliA strong throw, hammer throw 60 meters away, eventually broke with 63.1 m Japan players create 59.21 m Asian record, this record increase of 3.89 m......, "recalls former glory, said Xu Weili, he turned out to be shot put athletes in Liaoning province in 1988, was introduced to the Shaanxi Provincial physical culture and sport Technology InstituteTrack and field, becoming a professional athlete, major hammer thrower. Streptococcus won the Asian Championship two years later, on January 10, 1991, conferred on him by the State physical culture and the People's Republic of China athlete masters certificates, certificate number is "No. 015952,". "Retired State I am not thin," said Xu Weili, peak of the early 90 's his life, 1994 be admitted to Jiaotong University School of management, international trade major in special, and in 1999 obtained a Bachelor's degree in economics. Meanwhile, because of their physical problems and not go into the official athletes, he considered retirement. He said, "in 1999, when I officially retired, the provincial physical culture and in accordance with the relevant national standards, give me a set of more than 70 square meters of the House, a one-time grantMore than 60,000 yuan subsidy and arranged on my feet eight-way youth sports school in Shaanxi Province when the coach. Indeed, States do not thin to me. "Xu Weili said, after decommissioning, due to various reasons guild wars 2 cheap gold, he left a youth sports school in Shaanxi Province, went very strange society for him. In 2007, he and divorce is an athlete's wife. When speaking of here, Xu Weili suddenly turnedExcitement, he said, "Although got a divorce, but his wife and son have been very good to me, after my sick, wife economically to a lot of help, let me very happy". When you lift the current situation, Xu Weili said with undisguised, except when players left on the body during the "sequel" beyond retired and his personal factors have a great relationship. NowHis personnel files are managed in the talent market, did not work properly and economic sources, nor medical insurance protection only dragged the body go day by day ... ... Reporter Li Yongli intern huitiantianliyougaozhao (Editor: Lian Lixin)
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