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129859107730312500_21Shenzhen xili town, travellers rest on the open space next to the cone. South photo by journalist Chen Yihuai cement under the bridge the South tip guild wars 2 gold, not only in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and more than one place. Yesterday, friends tweets spit Groove, known as Shenzhen under the bridge has as much cement tip. Symmetrically South tip of reporters found a large quantity of cement sand River on both sides. 200 cement cone does notKnown uses opposite the village of Taoyuan Street Office in Shenzhen, roads and bridges under the aperture, nearly 200 cement by fixed Cone, portfolio, becoming the Grand view. Slapped each cement cone about two large, 30 cm high, on the lower tip, which was wrapped in thick wires of the thumb. According to the surrounding residents revealed that the cement tip last year had, I do not know why. Chengguan surprising facilities it is strangeCement cone opposite the village of Taoyuan Street Office said, although in the nose, but don't really know where these cement sharp cone is sacred. Yesterday, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City Management Bureau Director Mr Zhu said of the municipal, cement cones is definitely not for City Council. Guangzhou cement cones, he also feels incredible, "why there is such a strange facility?" The Shenzhen Exchange Commission spokesman also revealed that South MountainRegional road Chengguan custody right, authority is unable to recover. But even if the Board is responsible for the construction of the flyover, and excess funds in the construction of the cement-free tip. Cement tip in addition are everywhere, some netizens said guild wars 2 cheap gold, since April of this year, and Pak Shek Kok Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Shahe West Road flyover at the junction, appears on the cement tip. South reporter scene to see, under the bridge about 1 m wideOn the ground, to 3-4 per line density, MA turn all over the ground covered with a small cement tip about 15 cm high. However, these cement cones smaller, less than half of a slap, and varying shapes, pyramid-shaped, square shape. Response during the Universiade in Shenzhen Guangzhou anti-three free stay "the tip is set when the last Universiade, primarily forTo prevent three-free stay at the River. "Yesterday, Shenzhen Shahe Office staff to respond to the flood control device management service, here is the Guangzhou cement tip referencing experience. Allegedly, sand River under the bridge along the road, often drug addicts and the homeless staying, drug needles everywhere, the scene is very ugly. When the last Universiade, the departments concerned had cleaned away a team of three staff.Subsequently, on the construction of the cement Cone, hoping to avoid these people back here overnight, as well as to build the shed. In addition, he said, here is the secondary spillway road. Such an approach also aims to ensure the safety of such personnel. Current road and bridge of Shahe River basin has eight of these, of which there are several sets of cement tip. (Editor: Liu Jin)
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