129859145773593750_591Leveraged Fund premiums continue to increase the bullishness of the market strong As the index continued to fall the record low valuations GW2 Gold, market sentiment is also in the event of positive change. Data shows that although the market continued downward last week, but leveraged Fund premium rates continue to boost. Professionals have pointed out that leveraged Fund as a powerful tool to grab the rebound, usually on the eve of rebound accumulate high premium, leveraged Fund's performance bodes well for investors currently strong bullishness, afterUrban rebounding or volatile. Refraction of positive emotion, recent market sharply downward in the higher premium, the Shanghai composite index at one point fell below 2,200 points last week. Involvement based on weaker market, leverage the net value of the Fund also fell sharply. But it's worth noting is that market prices of leveraged funds are clearly resilient, thus driving the continuing development of its premium rate. Data showed last week, Yin Hua Xin net profits declined the most, byTo 8.51%; in addition, Yin Hua Xin Rui-8.41%, xincheng 500B-8.16%, enterprising Shin-7.6%, yinhuarui-6.72%; Teda enterprising, ICBC Credit Suisse wise b, guangfa szse 100B decreases of more than 5%. In the secondary market, the performance of leveraged funds are resilient. As Yin Hua Xin Li price decreases only 3.93% and, in addition, prudential 500B market fell by only 2.87%, Shen Wan enterprising market prices decreased by 1.21%, yinhuarui into the market by 2.36%. As of Friday, 25 equity leveraged Fund average premium rate rose to 11.72% from 9.68% in the previous week, at this year's high level. Among them, Shen Wan enterprising to 87.83% premium rate first. In addition, Yin Hua Xin Li reached 37.75%, yinhuarui, letter sincere 500B per cent, prudential 300B for the 24.32%. "Although the market continued its downward, but at a time of near the low point in the early, investors also for afternoon shows a relatively positive attitude, highly leveraged varieties with this premium boostHas been evident. "Hai Tong securities analyst told reporters the Fund. Guotai Junan securities analysts also point out that, judging from recent rating fund performance, robust share rating Fund (that is, class a) discounted share increased and proactive (class b) premiums rise, heralding the rise in investor risk appetite, a stock market rebound or the horizon. Uplift of the net decrease leverage factsShang, leveraged Fund has accumulated in the bottom of the market is often higher premiums, such as the late last year when markets dip some leveraged Fund premium was up 90%, followed earlier this year usher in a rebound in the market. In this regard, zheshang securities fund analysts explained the principle behind it. "Leveraged Fund at the bottom of the market logic of the increase in premium rate is leveraged Fund assets decline in larger, its actual leverageWill be larger, the greater the attractiveness to investors rebound, premium rate will correspond to elevation. After the crash, if the broader market rose sharply, and lever unit base due to the strong bullish expected premium rate could rise further. "He said. Data show that as of Friday, Shen Wan enterprising real leverage the most guild wars 2 gold, at 4.39 times times. In addition, Yin Hua Xin Lee to 3.53Times, Cathay Pacific and enterprising 3.06 times times, fidelity 500B 2.32 times times. Worth noting is that with the recent large continuous walking down, has drawn near the net in some highly leveraged varieties down to the point conversion threshold, risk and opportunity exist side by side. According to the calculation of haitong securities, which passes right to 90 when the index fell by about 10%, Yinhua conversion of John c. McGinley and xinli are nearby to the point, asJuly 1 Yin Hua Xin net profit share only 0.409 Yuan. "Because the card right in 90 weighting more than 20% indices in the financial services industry, and the industry underestimated values or indices to form a strong support, can therefore reach conversion there is still major uncertainties. And when YINHUA Ginley discounts due to conversion is expected when you have narrowed significantly, Yin Hua Xin Li price leverage will be veryGreat upgrade, it is recommended that high risk investors keep watching. "Hai Tong securities analyst, in the case of the Fund said.


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