129859015338593750_283Olympic village reality: United States women's volleyball team complained about the beds of small security check at the airport level Phelps, bolt, and Liu Xiang who, how could cost $ 1.5 billion London village day? United States MSNBC reporter was invited to the Olympic village experience, such an assessment is given: "between the University dormitories and paint between Motel is first brush! Like last century 60 's building GW2 Gold! "Three-stage long jump champion, Member of the London Organising Committee defended Edwards:" Olympic GamesVillage there is an atmosphere of love and support, this is not a five-star resort, as the Olympic village is very good. I try to live in, and slept very well, what they want to eat, when to eat, transportation is very convenient. "78,702 accommodation United States women's volleyball team complained about the bed was too small before the Olympic Games in London, the 16,000 names from more than 200 countries and regionsAthletes and officials will stay at the Olympic village. Olympic village adjacent to the Olympic Park in East London, 11 buildings up in the 3 row. The vast majority of athletes are sharing rooms, only single bed in rooms of different sizes, also a compact bedside table and a wardrobe. Field trips United States women's volleyball players: "bed is a bit small. "Do not know basketball players ' bed will be lengthened. MSNBC journalist telling your feelings: "apartment is very bright, fresh air, but really do not care. Only part of the suite with a bath, a very few rooms have balconies. Single bed in the bedroom because he is close to the wall is very thin, those hopes in the Olympic village where athletes consume calories estimated to be disappointed. Mattresses are players chosen by the Committee, mainly in order to use withoutIs comfortable. The walls are white, curtains a bit dull, but fortunately, emblem of the chairs with colorful, duvets on the printed ' excellent, friendly, love and respect ' and ' courage, determination, inspiration. TV with 28 channels, you can see all the Olympic events live. "On Saturday, the Olympic village up the water supply system, shower and brush my teeth are no problem. Dormitory facilities also have 13,000 square metre gym, and a medical centre and dry cleaning room. Catering help yourself to athletes ' dormitories do not have 24 hour kitchen, unable to fire, but fortunately, the Olympic Village cafeteria is open 24 hours, able to eat at any time to solve problems. Olympic Village cafeteria can simultaneously docked 80 double-decker bus, which has a seating capacity of 5,000, provides about 60,000 meals a day guild wars 2 gold, that is,Is Phil Staples this big stomach King, can also eat a belly full. Phelps consumes 12,000 calories a day, when the Beijing Olympic Games, every morning he will eat 3 egg omelet sandwiches, 5 eggs, 3 slices of sweetened cream France toast and 3 chocolate chip cookies, but also to drink two cups of coffee. During the London Olympic Games, athletes are expected to consume about 90 tons of seaFresh, 25,000 loaves of bread and 360 tons of fruit. Canteen provides "the best United Kingdom cuisine", including English style sausages, brown sauce and mustard, from India, and Eastern Mediterranean, and Caribbean athletes are able to eat the way you taste dishes, canteen supplies halal meals. MSNBC Reporter: "the food tastes good, and very nutritious. "The Olympic village has a shashibiAsia international theater, entertainment for players, but there is only 10 billiards tables, a small cinema and a games area, MSNBC reporter sighs: "too small, would like to entertainment is difficult. "And where a wine is not available, an official explained:" not all players are of legal drinking age, we do not want to provide such temptations. "Safe machinesField level security adjacent to Olympic Park in the Olympic village, surrounded by barbed wire. Security is very strict with the living quarters, similar to airport security, check every car access are inside. 1500 security personnel guarding the security, is to avoid a repeat 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, when 11 Israel athletes and coaches by terrorMolecular killed. London Olympic village after the games how to use? The Olympic village for the Beijing Olympics, were snapped up before the opening of the Olympic Games, the Olympics after refurbishment, turned upscale residential areas. After the closure of the London Olympic Games, the Olympic village will also refurbish, covered with new floors, sets the kitchen into 2,818 housing units, of which 1379 belonging to Government-subsidized housing, it is expected thatFirst tenant in the second half of 2013 admission.
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