129859015296875000_194Interview Shang xiutang swim Centre: swimming in China making major breakthroughs Xinhua Beijing on July 4 Olympic Games have been experiencing (reporter Zhou Xin (micro-blogging) Li Jia) London Olympic swimming will be held from July 28 to August 4 for 32 small scramble. Deputy Director of the State General Administration of sport swimming Management Center Shang xiutang said in an interview with the Xinhua News Agency, China's goal is to move beyond the Beijing Olympic Games in swimming, and strive to have "a major breakthrough". In theCountry swimming in the Beijing Olympics won 1 gold, 3 Silver, 2 bronze, which name is Zhang Lin of China man achieved a historic breakthrough in swimming: won the silver medal in the 400 m freestyle. London Olympic Games, China's major breakthrough in here is pinning its hopes on men the removal of individual gold medals, and looked forward to the men's relay on the Olympic podium for the first time. Shang xiutang stated: "We hope Sun Yang as China's swimmingAchievement of a major breakthrough GW2 Gold, the specific project is 1500 meters freestyle, he is the world record holder of the project, ranked first in the world this year. His 400 m freestyle is also a world best this year, hopefully win. As far as I know, his earlier stage in Australia was a good training, mind is very high, this is a good thing. "" But before the games wePay attention to details. If the training is good, not ability training for the competition level, everything is empty. Chinese swimming history, we also have a number of high level athletes, practicing before the match very well, but did not play in the competition levels. That means we have to before the game of training arrangements and control foot under Fu. Our coaches made very clear toAsk, be sure to race day of the Olympic Games in London, athletes of the day in the final State to achieve best. Such as Sun Yang's 1500 meter freestyle, was on the evening of August 4, how could he play best on the day, this is an important task we are in the final stage of preparation for the Olympic Games. "Shang xiutang pointed out that Sun Yang in 200 m, 400 m and 1500 m freestyle and notFought with teammates, hoping to lead a group of young athletes overall improvement. "Chinese swimming will send 51 athletes participating in the Olympic Games in London, including 26 women athletes and 25 male athletes relay project fielded full replacement candidate in the hope that young players can feel the games of this size and level of competition, for the future developmentThe first step. Sun Yang gold medals in freestyle with different individual competition, is in accordance with this thinking, maybe other men's single strength enough to contend for gold claimed the silver, but to achieve the Olympic a standard, nominated for the world's top races, which in itself is a manifestation of Chinese men's swimming overall strength increase. "" Our men's 4X200-meter freestyle relay this project a bitIdeas, swimming World Championships in Shanghai last year we received bronze medals, so we can't stand on the podium at the Olympics. If you can get a medal, which is also a major breakthrough in the Chinese swimming, relay, after all, best reflects the strength and level of a country. "Shang xiutang describes, for now, are expected to take part in the relay project Sun Yang, Hao Yun, Li YunTraining of qi, Wang Shun, Jiang Haiqi people are good, while watching the Olympic games played. Shang xiutang recognizes, and Sun Yang in the men's 1500-meter freestyle apparent advantages compared to Chinese swimming although there is a lot of gold points, such as by Olympic champion Liu Zige and World Championship Jiao Liu Yang (micro-blogging) in conjunction of the women's 200-meter butterfly, world champion Zhao Jing the women's 100 metres' Women's 200-meter backstroke world champion and leaf Medley and other projects, but they are not entirely confident, you can only "make order". "At the swimming World Championships in Shanghai, Zhao Jing ' woman women's 100-meter backstroke, 200-meter Medley and 200 meters Butterfly Jiao Liu Yang is in a very slight advantage gold medal, won the only opponent 1% seconds, which can be calledFor the lucky. We were away game of the Olympic Games in London, there is a lot of objective difficulties and challenges of foreign competitors, luck could not be with us forever, we players have to put down once and ring of honor, full hard shock gold medal! "Opponents, said Shang xiutang without fear:" I don't care what your opponent who is, what kind of tacticsArrangements and, I only hope that our athletes in your beliefs and the game rhythm, not to be led by the nose by opponents. Eve of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Australia Jones for breaking a world record today, tomorrow and breaking a world record guild wars 2 cheap gold, Luo xuejuan in the result we are confident, won the women's 100-meter breaststroke champion. The most critical or because their own! ��Shang xiutang pointed out that success for the London Olympics will start on July 28 swimming competition begins on the first day of the men's 400 m freestyle, the 400 m Medley and 400 m Medley and the women's 4x100m freestyle relay final, swimming in China "a good start" will be decided by them: Sun Yang Hao Yun and work together to face the challenge of the men's 400 m freeSwimming, Wang Yuexiang and Yang Zhixian participate in the men's 400-meter Medley, Li Xuanxu fighting alongside the women's 400-meter Medley and poetry and prose. "Our most critical is the first day of competition of the Olympic Games in London, started to play well, that is the key, lay a good start to have a noticeable effect on team morale as a whole. Our requirements to the players is: good start, as the finals preliminaries, finalsAs a decisive battle! "On June 27, preparing for the London Olympic Games were held in the Chinese swimmers in an Olympic-themed speech, 18 players talk Shang xiutang passionately:" all speech ideas, perspectives, realm, and the height, depth, passion and having the determination and confidence. I believe that these eight words into a sentence--ChineseSwimming at the London Olympics will be a major breakthrough! ��
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