129858981825625000_50Interactive learning platform BenchPrep raised $ 6 million NetEase tech news on July 4, according to foreign media reports, an interactive learning platform BenchPrep announced that it has completed a $ 6 million round of financing, the round of financing from New Enterprise Associates lead investor, participants include Revolution Growth. In the Chicago startupOn the platform, the students can learn all areas of content. The company's goal is, creating one of the students, through a variety of devices to learn any discipline platform. BenchPrep platform has been applied to various different equipment. BenchPrep's announcement showed that after the establishment of its total of 100 courses were included in the first 10 months. EachMonth 10 courses included speed look weak, but the company appears to be acquired before the end of this year about 500 courses are very confident. BenchPrep not provided by standard books, but through the integration of several types of content, providing students with "interactive personalized courses". The company also works with, such as o ' Reilly, and SourcebOoks cooperation of other companies to create a content database. Those partners are likely to help BenchPrep the rapid expansion of its product portfolio. In the field of mobile technology, various operating systems and apps store is still fragmented state guild wars 2 cheap gold, so the growing demand for cross-platform solutions, mixing and matching patterns become mainstream. BencHPrep is amount of users only $ 250,000, in the popular little share of the education market. The company appears to be seeking to gain greater market share, growth of the new funding is expected to provide it with the necessary catalyst, helping it achieve scale can truly innovative developments in the field of education. 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