129859193726406250_17 <a href="http://www.power-leveling-service.com/guild-wars-2/gold">GW2 Gold</a>Wen Jiabao, convened under the auspices of the State Council Executive Meeting deployment in 2011-central budget execution audit identified problems such as rectification work listening to the audit of the national social security fund reporting 4th Prime Minister Wen Jiabao convened under the auspices of the State Council Executive meeting of the State Council, deployment in 2011-central budget execution audit identified problems such as rectification work, listen to the audit of the national social security fund reporting.Recently, commissioned by the State Council by the Audit Commission, to report to the national people's Congress 2011-audit of the implementation of the central budget and other fiscal revenue and expenditure, audit results were made available to the community. It was noted that the audit is audited by the Constitution and audit law an important body functions. The State Council attaches great importance to and supports the work of Auditors. In recent years, the audit organs continue to strengthen financialAnd major life project audits, financial and enterprise, local law breaking issues, promoting the construction of anti-corruption, promoting sound governance plays an important role in such areas. Relevant localities and departments in deployment of serious revamping of the State Council, the audit found that the problem be corrected in a timely manner. At the same time, institutional construction moves forward, budget public progress accelerated, weaknesses areStrengthening. It was noted that the audit found that issue can be thoroughly rectification, related to the Government's executive power and credibility, leaders at all levels to high priority. Conscientiously put the rectification work to important locations. Involved departments of the State Council, leading comrades of the State Council according to the Division of hear of, charge departments and units is a rectification work first responsible person involved localProvincial (district, municipal) Government is primarily responsible to take command in person, strengthening supervise. For delay and prevarication, and even refusing to rectification, solemnly holding appropriate personnel. Solved the second audit found problems in the field of people's livelihood. Seriously investigate and rectify related to affordable housing, health care, schooling, requisition, environmental protection and other aspects of employment violated the interests of the massesIllegal acts. Three carefully ready the open work of rectification. Comprehensive public audit identified problem rectification on the basis of the results, pragmatic, comprehensive and objective response to community concern, fully respect the public's right to know and the right to monitor. Four to increase fiscal management reform efforts. Strengthen budget management, detailed budgeting, strengthening executive management. Perfecting the system of transfer payments, reduceTransfer payments, increasing the scale of General transfer payments, a sound performance evaluation system. Carry forward the final accounts open, refine the open content. Regions, departments guild wars 2 gold, and units concerned to rectification report Department of State before the end of October. Special topics report to the national people's Congress Standing Committee before the end of the State Council. Meeting heard a report by audit of the national social security fund. In March of this year to 5Month, organized by the Audit Commission auditing organs at all levels throughout the country over more than 40,000 audit personnel, focusing on audits of 2011 national State and county level 9 of the social insurance fund of local government administration, 6 total social welfare fund of social assistance funds, 3 18 social security funds, verified related data since 2005; extending audit 29,273 enterprises, 4,207 home medicalHomes and 8,101 village (UN-Habitat) Commission. From the perspective of the audit, on 2011 social security funds income 2.84 trillion dollars, than 2005 growth times; spend more than $ 2.11 trillion yuan, an increase of 3 times times; end of cumulative balances 3.11 trillion yuan, increasing 4.35 times times. The audit showed that the overall security of the social security funds, Fund run smoothly�� Constantly improving the social security system, continues to expand the scale of income and expenditure to stabilize public spending expected to guarantee social harmony and stability, has played an important role. The audit found that some local and social security policies are not in place, inadequate management norms and disciplinary violations and other issues. Mainly: bridging the social security system is not enough parts of social security funds not included in the fiscal deficitPolitical accounts management, part of the security policy is not yet fully in place, financial management efficiency is not high enough, a small number of units and individual illegal profit. For the audit found problems, is organized around reform. It was noted that the social security system establishment in China, the next stage to strengthen the standardization. One should further perfect the system of regulation. As soon as possible an amendment to the social security chargesPayment of provisional regulations, regulations of the unemployment insurance regulations. Second sound operation mechanism. Establishing scientific responsibility-sharing mechanism, clearly at all levels of government social security responsibilities. C to strengthen supervision and management. Actively promoting the establishment of specifications complete the social security budget. Clear information and publicity and disclosure of social security programs. Focus on medical insurance, social relief, as well as special groupsSupervision and inspection of the implementation of social security policies. To establish a unified national social security information platform. Meeting stressed that serious fiscal discipline to the audit uncovered leads to thoroughly investigate cases of corruption and crime, will not tolerate.


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