129859015285312500_170Coaster boy Xie Yu will be rendered "beyond red monument tour" To ceremoniously commemorate the 91 anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party, celebrate the "18" as a backdrop to inheritance "red culture" spirit "flying over the Red monument tour" will be opened today. This activity for cultural innovation to promote advocacy and Red cultural heritage monument city of a dynamic creative, through the cultural soft power and dynamic model and moral concepts "Soar age "conception of distinct activities. Old Secretary Ma Shuanzhu head and other leaders attended the launch ceremony of this event, a surname, a calligrapher for the activities presented the "take off" letter width, Red China history culture study on Zou Jun keynote speech, President of the Commission, Vice President of China's culture association, founding the old generals Li Yang and Li Zhongquan generations old leatherGeneral life of future generations come to "flying over the Red monument tour" starts the scene came out, our famous sports announcer Qiaosheng Han have pushed the launch ceremony at the impassioned climax. This event will take place from autumn in October with China's old revolutionary base of Jiangxi Grand began. "Beyond red monument tour" with unique patterns of activity and quality on the passion andFashion shock formed a strong sentiment of the times, is a rendering of the spirit of the times. Monument of historical and thematic cultural, tourism and culture and city economic development is a publicity and promotion of innovation. Panorama of the Beijing Oriental culture media company as a long-term commitment to film and television culture and dissemination of cultural enterprises is to make use of this innovative "concept of a culture of" promoting the development of cultural elements.Flying over the "project in the natural environment, the outdoor meet" a specific topic "challenges of passionate activity. Xie Yu is the launch of the "flying over the Red monument tour" project car flew over. Specially adapted (with special equipment) car flew over the carrier. In specific circumstances, special development of real and imaginary scenes (vision and close-range) in science, professional and technicalPersonnel and production team of on-site investigation, particularly it is taking on the structure of, with absolute safety and scientific divide and distance, absolutely reliable protection equipment flew over the under. "Auto spanning" the theoretical principle of height control is 5-8M. Across the scientific safety distance is 40M, the fall 3-5M. "Speed" on both sides of the ups and downs and aroundPartition set the audience of onlookers. Flying over the scene (in the starting side) with activity site podium (theme activities. Which awards ceremony main set) according to onsite venue "overflight" broken belt (leaps in space) special guest and VIP set up the podium ceremony in middle front seats, command centers and scheduling can be set according to the venue at the other end). Before flying over the (flying over the preparation andDuring a test flight) is intended to arrange participant program of entertainment and local entertainment. At the same time be held by comperes of on-site basic profile, ecological environment and scenery, through interactive looks forward to the climax in the gradually warming up. Flying over the active scene intended to design the scene number of onlookers (the audience) about 230,000 people (according to the site). "Overflight" activity site to be on TV screenThe documentation and dissemination of moments, in the broadcast, recording and radio links in multiple modes of dissemination such as live broadcasting, network interaction, organized and named according to participate in tailored to business needs to have aspirations, influential and Terminal interactive focus groups and advertising effectiveness for programmes of activities and publicity programmes. 50--60-day media campaign sought to advance marketing theme to promoteEvent planning news 3 1 dimensional propaganda campaign to achieve "activity" beyond the activity value, cut "times" theme, the overall combined effect of rendering the size, quality and impact. Flying Trapeze Cylon Or become history in Asia, this activity in China, and Asia left a deep regret. When after 14 years of history, finally a flying over newRising star, Asia while their Cylon Or close disciple, coaster boy Xie Yu in China will be adhering to the teacher wishes, driving domestic cars riding across the journey, this unique event brought together again in the form of social concerns, passed out Chinese Yellow Emperor that defy difficulties, dare to challenge the national spirit and courage to the Traveller-specific. However, this spirit is our national rehabilitation and developmentMust have the spirit. This activity by the panorama of the Chinese world Publishing Co Ltd, Beijing Oriental culture media company, Beijing Ze subject in international culture media company, Beijing Olympics star international cultural exchange company planned and launched, got red culture study Committee of Chinese history society, in Beijing as Wang Chuan Cultural Media Ltd and a number ofRed culture industry organizations and a number of provincial approval and the kind assistance of the monument in the Holy land. As the Red culture inheritance innovation, open innovation and development of cultural industries and a new road of sustainable development.


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